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Student Organization Websites

Start Your Group's Website Today!

Student organizations in good standing may request a public-facing 1850 website. Websites are created and managed through the Center for Student Involvement.  No previous web design experience is needed to have a UD website.  We're here for you during every step of the process!

Student organizations are not permitted to have their own websites hosted off campus.

Creating Your Website

Before you can create a student organization website, please consider the following:

  1. Who is going to update your website? How often?
  2. What will go on your website? Create a site map.
    1. What are the pages you will need?
    2. What goes on each page?
    3. What is the audience for each page?
    4. Can pages be combined or eliminated?
    5. What pictures/layouts do you need?
  3. View a sample pages included as a reference and to see what your site will look like.
    1. View the SGA Website
  4. Send your site map to us at and set up a meeting to discuss the website.
  5. Good luck! We’re here to help every step of the way

Center for Student Involvement

Kennedy Union
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