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Checkpoints & Re-Recognition

Student Organization Checkpoints

Checkpoints are designed to help record the current state, progress, and strategic planning of student organizations throughout the year. Completion of three annual checkpoints (October, December, March) is required to maintain recognized status as an organization. The information requested in the checkpoints varies based on the time(s) of year an organization engages in activities such as recruitment, elections, officer transitions, and more.  At each checkpoint, organizations will be asked to review their roster and organization profile within OrgSync.

Checkpoints need to be completed by the established deadlines for organizations to remain in good standing and have privileges such as room reservation/tabling space, event approval, van rental privileges, etc.  We believe the information collected during this process will be valuable to organizations, particularly during times of officer transition.  Organizations can find information submitted for previous checkpoints in their Files section within OrgSync.

Checkpoint Deadlines:
Checkpoint #1: October 19th, 2018
Checkpoint #2: December 21st, 2018
Checkpoint #3: February 15th, 2019
Checkpoint #4: May 31st, 2019

Annual Re-Recognition

Annual re-recognition is required of all student organizations. Re-recognition is a time for student organizations to update group information, reflect on organization challenges and successes, and document organizational progress. Re-recognition is completed online through the OrgSync software.  

Organization Re-Recognition: May 31st, 2019

Instructions for Re-Recognition

Logging In

Log into OrgSync.
Click "My Memberships" in the red bar at the top of the homepage.
Select your organization or click "All Memberships" if you do not see it here.
If your organization has not yet completed the re-recognition or checkpoint, you will see an orange box indicating that your attention is needed.
Click "Update Now" in the orange box. 

Completing the Re-Recognition Paperwork

Fill the form out in its entirety:
*Students must review and update core group information (Mission/Purpose/Description).
*On the second page of the form, you will indicate which checkpoint you are completing. This will allow the system to present you with the appropriate questions; you will not be required to review every organization detail at each checkpoint.
*Be sure to review/update your officers listed. 

Updating Your Roster

You must update your roster at each checkpoint and during annual re-recognition.
*Click "My Memberships" and select your organization or click "All Memberships" if you do not see it here.
*Click "People"
*Check the box next to anyone you want to remove. Click on "remove."
*Check the box next to anyone you want to move to a different group (like in/out of leadership or new member status).
**Remember, administrators must be placed in the "executive leadership" group. 
*Click "invite people" to enter the UD email addresses of all new members. You can send them a message with your invitation and place them into a group (like "New Member" or "General Member").
**Your members MUST accept membership when they receive the email. 


The submission is reviewed by the Assistant Director for Student Life for approval.
Please note: If your group is not approved for any reason, you will receive an email with additional information. 


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