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Sustainability Club

Sustainability Club

Sustainability Club is a service and social action club with an emphasis on food, water, and waste on campus, and in the Dayton community. We have several waste collection programs in place that not only deter waste from landfills, but raise money for projects and feed the less fortunate. Social events include, local hiking trips, TED Talk nights, and organic and vegan cookouts. In addition to facilitating Sustainability Week and GreenSweep events, we educate ourselves and others about important environmental and sustainability issues as well as develop a collective language and vision among the students. We are also a resource to facilitate collaboration and help get project ideas off the ground.

Sample Events

  • Campus Blackout - Energy Consumption Reduction Challenge
  • Earth Day
  • Environmental Sustainability Week
  • Greensweep
  • MEEC
  • Volunteering at Feed Dayton and the Sustainability Center
  • Cans for Cans


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Interested in learning more about how you can get involved? 

You can learn more by visiting Sustainability Club on Facebook.


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