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Examples of Hazing

Examples of Hazing

Depending upon circumstances, these activities have at one time or another been construed as hazing by the courts and/or institutions of higher education. Such actions are often required or implied as conditions of inclusion in or exclusion from a group, formal or informal, and may be perpetuated by individual(s) against individual(s), individual against group, group against individual, group against group.

This list is in no way intended to be comprehensive.

  • Requiring calisthenics such as sit-ups, push-ups, runs or any form of physical abusive exercise.
  • Forcing, requiring or endorsing consumption or alcoholic beverages or any other drug.
  • Requiring the ingestion of any undesirable, unwanted substance (e.g., spoiled food, goldfish, etc...).
  • Requiring the carrying of items such as rocks, helmets, shield, swords, coconuts, bricks, paddles, etc...
  • Scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, road trips, or any other such activities when not done for information gathering purposes consistent with the education purposes of the organization. "Kidnaps" and "ditches" are specifically prohibited.
  • Morally degrading or humiliating games and activities such as requiring member to wade in water, to count rinks, to act like animals or other beings, to scrub floors with toothbrushes or to be nude at any time.
  • Assigning or endorsing "pranks" such as "borrowing" (stealing) items, panty raids, painting property and objects, composite raids, or harassing other groups.
  • Deprivation of sleep and/or blindfolding members at any time.
  • Verbal harassment including yelling or screaming at members.
  • Individual interrogations not consistent with legitimate testing for information about the history, purpose or direction of the organization (e.g. line-ups).
  • Any type of personal servitude such as running errands.
  • Wearing, publicly, apparel which is conspicuous and/or not "normally" in good taste.
  • Requiring members to walk or "march" in formation and/or to be branded.
  • Requiring members to answer phones or doors with chants, riddles, songs or rhymes.
  • Deception or threats contrived to convince the new member s/he wouldn't be able to join the organization or group.
  • Conducting activities, which do not allow adequate time for study, or that full membership would not do.
  • Requiring new members to enter the house or building through a side door or entrance not normally used to enter.
  • Requiring new members to clean or do other chores.
  • Requiring new members to obtain a certain number of signatures or complete a certain number of interviews.

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