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Outside the Bubble

Outside "the Bubble"

With over 250 recognized student organizations, tons of intramurals and club sports, numerous performing arts groups and ensembles, here are always things to do on campus, but sometimes sometimes you just want to get away from campus.  We'd encourage you to get out and get to know Dayton!  Below you'll find a few options to get away and enjoy our community.
The Arts

Dayton Ballet:

Dayton Opera:

Dayton Philharmonic:

Human Race Theater:

Victoria Theater & Schuster Center:

Independent movies:

Dayton Art Institute:

Dayton Theater Guild:

Dayton Playhouse:

Professional Sports

Dayton Dragons Baseball:

Dayton Dutch Lions Soccer:

Recreational Activities

Urban Crag Climbing Center:

Five Rivers Metro Parks:

US Air Force Museum:

Carillon Park & historic Dayton attractions:

Sunwatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park:

America’s Packard Museum:

Mike's Bike Park:

Something Missing from Our List?

Have something you want added?  Send us a note at!


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