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Leadership Workshops

Student Development Leadership Series

The Leadership Series addresses the need for ongoing training, personal, and professional development for student leaders at the University of Dayton. Participants will engage in workshops to strengthen their leadership skills in time management, supervising your peers, being an inclusive leader, and other areas of leadership. The sessions consist of one-hour workshops.

Available Workshops

In need of a leadership workshop or training?  Let us come to you!  Workshops are facilitated by our Student Leadership Ambassadors, graduate, and full-time staff.

Examples of workshop topics making connections to leadership include:

  • Leadership Style Inventories (Personality, Strengths, Typology, etc)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Power and Privilege
  • Communication, Collaboration, and Dialogue
  • Group Dynamics and Development

Spring 2019 PATH-Eligible Workshops

5:00pm - Kennedy Union 331

This week we will be talking about what animating your team means as a leader! Being a good leader requires working with those involved. This requires placing certain team members into certain positions based on their strengths, weaknesses, characteristics, personalities, previous experiences, and relationship with others. In this session, participants will work with each other to build a team of predetermined characters to address simulated events, issues, programs, and tasks. A good leader recognizes each member of their community comes from a diverse background, join us to learn how to Animate Your Team.

3:00pm - Kennedy Union 222

When you think of “leadership,” what comes to mind? For many, a single person comes to mind – “the” leader.  An important characteristic of leadership is the idea that it is a shared, collaborative process.  Join us as we explore ways to demonstrate leadership without a formal title or position and see your role as a leader on and off campus.

3:00pm - Kennedy Union 222

How do leaders solve problems?  How should leaders solve problems?  Problem solving is about more than finding the fastest, easiest, or cheapest solution.  Leaders for the common good need to engage in complex problem solving that considers the needs of more than just the individual or the company – but rather – consider the whole picture to engage in ethical and inclusive problem solving.  Join us as we explore problem solving through a diverse and inclusive lens.

5:00pm - Kennedy Union 222

The development of socially responsible leaders in today's complex, global, and ever-changing world requires a commitment to students' holistic and integrated learning.  Being able to see aspects of SRL will help students become better leaders.  Some of those aspects are: taking seriously the perspective of others as well as contributing to a larger community.  Being able to work across and through difference will help us become closer as a community.

3:30pm - Kennedy Union 310

What is power?  How does one gain power? 
What is privilege?  Is privilege bad?  Does privilege mean easy? 
What does any of this have to do with leadership? 
Join us as we explore leadership for the common good through the lens of power and privilege.

3:00pm - Kennedy Union 310

An important part of leadership is recognizing that each of us as room for improvement and growth.  Two important catalysts for growth are feedback from others and self-reflection and analysis.  Feedback can be hard.  Self-reflection takes time.  Join us as we delve into tools that will help you to continuously improve as a leader.

3:00pm - Kennedy Union 222

You’ve heard it… many times probably.  “The Common Good.”  Join us as we explore the concept of the common good and how it can help you maximize your leadership potential.

5:00pm - Kennedy Union 222

This week we will be discussing how to link tattoos to leadership. One of the key components of leadership is knowing and understanding your identity. In today’s day and age tattoos are becoming a more prevalent way to express or illustrate an individual's identity. This presentation will give the opportunity for open dialogue about student leadership and self expression through tattoos.

11:00am - Kennedy Union 222

Relationships are at the heart of leadership.   Before you can enact leadership as a shared responsibility towards a common goal, you need to develop mutually beneficial relationships with those you hope to lead.  Join us as we explore tools for developing positive relationships.

3:30pm - Kennedy Union 222

A critical component of leadership is seeking out and engaging diverse opinions.  It can be surprisingly difficult to get through a conversation when you don’t agree with other voices in the room.  Join us as we explore the importance of diversity in leadership and delve into tools for constructive dialogue.

5:00pm - Kennedy Union 222

This week we will be discussing Transformational Leadership!

11:00am - Kennedy Union 310

For many, it is student organization election season.  For others, you may be seeing that your organization is kind of wandering aimlessly, or doing what you’ve always done, but you don’t know why.  Effective and stable organizations spend time clarifying and understanding why they exist before they plan how they will manifest their purpose into meetings and events.  Join us as we explore tools that will help you to revisit and clarify your organization’s “why.”

3:00pm - Kennedy Union 211

Stress. In today's society, its often mistaken as a status symbol.  Self-care.  Some have mistaken this as bubble baths and skipping out on responsibilities.  Join us as we cut through the misconceptions and look at the realities of stress and resilience; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

2:00pm - Kennedy Union 222

Talk, talk, talk.  Sometimes it feels like all we do is talk. We think about things in the abstract.  We plan and plan and plan.  Join us as we explore tools to take our vision and put it into action.


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