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Second-Year Requirements

Second-Year Requirements

In order to maintain the LIS Scholarship, participants must complete a leadership opportunity each semester through Student Leadership Programs.  This opportunity must be at least three hours in length, and meet the intended learning objectives for the semester.  Following the completion of the program, students will complete an online LIS reflection.

In the first semester, students will explore:

  • How power, privilege, and structural inequity operate in local and global contexts
  • The development of meaningful, inclusive, and reciprocal relationships
  • Perspective taking and the role of power dynamics in leadership

In the second semester, students will explore:

  • Group development and systems thinking
  • Inclusive visioning and goal setting
  • Collaborative action and creating change

Below is a listing of options for second-year LIS recipients.

Second-Year Menu (Fall 2019)

Camp Blue is the University’s pre-orientation leadership camp.  Students who serve as a BCC for Camp Blue undergo extensive training related to the outcomes for the LIS program.

Students who serve as a counselor for Camp Blue 2019 must complete an online reflection to receive credit.

Online Reflection

Resident assistants undergo extensive training in the fall semester during the Undergraduate Leadership Institute that is directly related to the LIS curriculum.

Students must attend Fall 2019 ULI and complete the LIS reflection in order to receive credit.

Online Reflection

October 19, 2019

The FLC is aimed at helping students discover the leader within and explore opportunities for leadership on campus.  Sophomore students attending the FLC must attend sessions in the sophomore LIS track; see the program for details.

Students must register, attend the full conference, and complete the end-of-program assessment in order to receive credit.

Fall Leadership Conference

Students must attend three leadership-development programs and complete a reflection in order to receive credit.

Student Leadership Programs will send a weekly email highlighting which AVIATE programs will count for the BYO option.  

Students must complete an online reflection after attending the three workshops.

Online Reflection

Student Leadership Programs

Kennedy Union
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0623