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Organization Award Descriptions

Student Organization Leadership Awards

Award Qualification for Student Organization Awards: Student organization must be a recognized student organization and be in good standing with the University during the current academic year and with the Center for Student Involvement.

The following awards may have more than one recipient each year. They may also remain unawarded if the Selection Committee determines that no suitable candidates have completed the application process.

Inclusivity Award

The student organization nominated for this award works across boundaries (of thought, characteristics, etc.) to increase unity of purpose within the UD community. They should display both deep respect for human differences and a powerful desire to learn and grow from those differences. They are adept at discovering or creating common ground.

Visionary Leadership Award

The student organization nominated for this award strives in its own unique way to achieve a future community of leaders working for the common good of society.

University Advancement - Award of Excellence for Contribution of Service to the Community

The student organization nominated for this award is one whose behavior embraces civic responsibility and service to the community on a local, regional, national or global level. This award is presented to a student organization that has demonstrated exceptional motivation, innovation, and involvement in community service. This group has given of their time, talent, and efforts to contribute to the common good without regard for personal gain, while exhibiting commitment to the causes, concerns, events or needs at hand. This award is presented in hopes that the recipient's exceptional service may inspire and motivate others to participate in community service.

Award for an Outstanding Event

The student organization nominated for this award has hosted an event that has made a significant impact on the organization and the community. The event demonstrated innovation, creativity, inclusivity, and leadership from the organization and this award is presented in hopes that the event and its host will serve as a model for future student planned events.  The event must have occurred between February of the previous academic year and February of the current academic year.

Emerging Organization Award

Qualifications: Organizations must be in their first or second year at University of Dayton.

The organization nominated for this award exemplifies leadership through service, academic excellence, and active engagement in the campus community during their first or second year at UD.

Dorothy Day Award

The organization nominated for this award;not only does service and/or social justice advocacy to promote the common good, but is also intentional about reflecting on the service they have completed and the social justice issues they address. Nominated organizations may creatively promote reflection through group discussion times, retreats, reflection nights, encouraging members to journal or take quiet time to process service experiences, or they may even do these things for a larger audience than just the members of the organization. Their reflection should exemplify how to move beyond community service and into service-learning.

Organization Award of Excellence

The organization nominated for this award has shown exceptional commitment to their mission through their academic, membership, leadership development or other activities. Nominated organizations for this award must have an active role in the University of Dayton community through their academic studies, leadership or involvement on campus.


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