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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Welcome to the Flyer family!  Sending a child to college can be a very hectic time not only for the student, but for you, the parent.  You may have a lot of questions regarding fraternity and sorority life at UD.  It's not a secret that many stereotypes exist about fraternities and sororities, but the students involved in the organizations at UD have done a lot to break down the stereotypical behavior that is so often seen in the media. 

Fraternities and sororities exist as a proven support network for your student as he or she embarks on this new period in life.  A fraternity or sorority can help personalize your son or daughter's college experience by offering a scholastic support system; hands-on experience in leading committees, managing budgets, and interacting with faculty and administrators; exposure to potential careers through educational programs and discussions with Alumni; offering the chance to give back to the community through service projects; and creating close friendships. With all these opportunities available, it is no wonder that fraternity and sorority members tend to graduate from college at a significantly higher rates than those not involved in Greek Life.


Fraternity and Sorority Life

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