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Class Scheduling Tips

Class Scheduling Tips

As a commuter student, it can be tempting to schedule your classes back to back, so you are only on campus for a block of time. However, running your classes together without any breaks or fitting them into one or two days a week can be a problem.

  • Fatigue can weaken your motivation and productivity in your classes that are toward the end of your block.
  • You may forget lecture material because there is no time to digest information between classes. It is also more tempting to skip a class to prepare for another.
  • Jamming classes into two days can make it difficult to finish assignments between those days you have class.
  • If you are ill the day you have the majority of your classes, you will miss a significant amount of lecture and class material.
  • Having time before and after classes can give you time to relax, study, or meet new people in the Commuter Lounge or on campus. Having some extra time between classes is less stressful in the long run!
(information from the Commuter Resources page at the Miami University of Ohio webpage)

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