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Health Education and Wellbeing

Building a Culture of Well-being

Developing the whole person through engagement with the community is central to the Catholic, Marianist philosophy.   Health Education and Wellbeing seeks to cultivate a community in which all members of the community take an active role in fostering an ethic of wellbeing, where all members of the community can succeed, thrive and matter.  To build a culture of wellbeing we must engage in a comprehensive approach that builds individual capacity and self-efficacy, fosters meaningful relationships, as well as prioritizes environments and policies which make healthy choice the easy choice.

Defining Health Education

Health education at the University of Dayton is characterized by the learning opportunities in which students are encouraged to reflect on the ways in which their values and decisions are reflected in their health behaviors.  These opportunities also provide students with tips and strategies to enhance their holistic wellbeing.

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Sarah DeWitt

Coordinator of Health Education and Wellness Promotion


Spencer Laughman

Graduate Assistant of Health Education and Wellness Promotion


Health Education and Well-being