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Self Care

Welcome to the Student Health Center's self care page!  Many minor medical issues, such as colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, minor sore throats, etc. resolve on their own and generally don't need to be evaluated by a medical professional.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, where symptoms might indicate either a common virus or COVID-19, we recommend that students call the student health center to discuss their symptoms with a nurse or make an appointment with a physician to determine necessary evaluation and testing.  Below are links to some of the basics of how you can care for yourself, and when to reach out to us for more advice.  If you're unsure or feel pretty sick, or if you have chronic medical problems or take meds that affect your immune system, please call us at 937-229-3131 and select option 2 to help you decide.




   Cold Symptoms

   Sore Throat





   Urinary Tract Infection

*If you have a chronic medical condition (asthma, diabetes, etc.) or take medication that affects your immune system, you are at higher risk of serious illness and hospitalization, and  should call the student health center to see how best to manage your symptoms, and whether you should see a nurse or physician ASAP.  The Health Center works to prioritize appointments for you.*


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