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Health Center


  • Am I required to submit medical forms before coming to UD?
    • Through Porches, incoming students will be asked to provide information about their MMR vaccines and other immunizations, as well as complete a Tuberculosis (TB) screening process. Students who do not complete these steps prior to arriving on campus will not be able to register for classes for the following semester. 
    • How can I upload my immunization records AND insurance card?
    • 1. Log on to using your Porches username and password.
    • 2. Click on "Forms", then "Required Immunization Form"
    • 3. Enter the vaccination dates (mm/dd/yyyy).
    • 4. Click on Add forms tab to upload documents.  (Include two-page health history form and any supporting documents.  Make sure you have answered ALL 5 Tuberculosis (TB) questions.)
    • 5. Click on Insurance Card and then follow instructions.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    • Yes.  Appointments can be made by calling 937-229-3131.  Please give the Administrative Secretary a brief description of what you need to be seen for so you will be scheduled for an adequate appointment time with the appropriate provider.  You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.  Please call or go to our student portal at to cancel your appointment at least one hour prior to visit.  Walk-ins are for emergencies only.
  •  What happens if I miss my scheduled appointment?
    • If you are scheduled for a 15 minute or 30 minute appointment and do not cancel at least one hour prior to appointment, you will receive a secure message informing you there will be a $25 charge on your student account.
    • If for any reason you can't make your appointment, please either call us at least an hour beforehand or online 24/7 to to cancel.
  •  How do I pay for services?
    • There is no charge for consultations with the nurse or physician for undergraduates, Law and PA students.  Graduate and IEP students are charged for each Heath Center visit.
    • All students are charged for:
      • Medicines dispensed
      • Labortory Testing
      • Vaccines
      • X-ray examinations
      • Certain procedures performed by medical staff
      • Miscellaneous medical supplies (e.g., ankle braces, dressing supplies)
    • All charges are placed on the student's account at the Office of Student Accounts.  Insurance companies are not billed directly; however, students may request an itemized bill.  Local billing directly to the student may be requested in certain situations.  ALL STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE A COPY OF THEIR INSURANCE CARD ON FILE WITH THE HEALTH CENTER in case lab work, outside prescriptions or referrals needed.
  • Can my parents receive information about my visit?
    • No. Health Center visits are strictly confidential.  Exceptions are made if a clear and imminent danger exists, or with the consent of students. (17 y/o living away are considered emancipated minors). 
  • Do you write medical excuses for missed class?
    • No.  If the professor requests confirmation of illness, the professor may submit a request on the Student Health Center website.  Only verification dates will be given.  Students must work with their professors to make up missed work.
  • Can I receive Allergy Injections?
    • Yes.  A private allergist must provide serum and a signed treatment plan.  The initial allergy injections must be given at the allergist's office. We ask that you bring your antigen and instructions to the Student Health Center and we will store them properly for you.  An appointment is necessaary and a physician must be present.  You will be required to sign an allergy policy yearly with instructions to wait 30 minutes following your injection.  Students must meet with a Health Center physician PRIOR to starting allergy injections at Health Center.
  • Can you fill my prescription?
    • The Student Health Center does not have an outpatient pharmacy.  However, for your convenience, we do carry some commonly prescribed medications and make them available to students if ordered by our physician.  If the Health Center does not carry the medication, or if the student wants to use their insurance, we can order it from Walgreens Pharmacy (located on Wayne Ave) and the medication will be delivered to the Health Center.
    • For any prescriptions written by outside doctors, students may drop the prescription off at the Health Center and it will be sent to Walgreens along with a copy of their insurance card.  Please allow one to two business days for delivery of medication to the Health Center.  Arrangements for payment will need to be made with Walgreens directly by calling 937-254-2156 before any prescriptions will be delivered to the Health Center.  Students may also use the Walgreens app to provide insurance and payment information.
    • You may also take the prescription to any local pharmacy and have it filled there.
  • What if an outside physician orders labs for me?
    • For patients with a lab order by an outside physician, the Health Center will draw blood and send it to CompuNet Labs.  To have blood drawn the patient will need to make a nurse appointment and bring their insurance information with them at the time of visit.  CERTAIN lab tests will need to be drawn directly at the lab.  Please call the Health Center if unsure.
    • The lab order form must include:
      • Patient name and date of birth
      • If a standing order, please include frequency and duration of order
      • Fasting or non-fasting
      • Diagnosis code (ICD-10) MUST be included (It is not sufficient to have the diagnosis name alone)
      • Specify if the results are to be mailed or faxed (937-229-3107) to the physician’s office (Please make sure that the physician's fax number and complete address is included.)
      • Ordering physician’s NPI and UPIN numbers are required
  • What can my son or daughter do if they're sick after office hours?
    • When the health center is closed, there are a number of options:
    • For minor medical problems, the Health Center website has a Self-care page that provides basic symptom care info.
    • Many insurance companies offer a "telehealth" option, so your student can talk to a provider remotely if your insurance covers this.
    • For emergency symptoms (difficult breathing, severe pain, uncontrolled bleeding, etc.), students should have UD's Public Safety (937-229-2121) programmed in their phone contacts, and call immediately for assistance.  They can call 911 from a UD phone to reach them also.  Public Safety runs a fully trained student EMS service 24/7 during the regular academic sessions.
  • What if my son or daughter is taken to the would I know if they're ok?
    • If a student is transported by UD's Public Safety, the Dean of Students' office is notified.  If they are released from the Emergency Department, the Dean's office sends a follow-up email to the student and parent the next business day.  If it is known they are admitted, the Dean of Students' office will contact the emergency contact via phone.
    • Your son or daughter should make sure to include their correct emergency contact information (name, relationship, phone, and email) in their phone's emergency app, as well as noting this information when they fill out their housing contract (contact to update info) or in Porches on their Flyer Student Services tab. 

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