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Health Insurance

Gosiger Hall

Dedicated to keeping you healthy and insured.

All students are expected to carry health insurance to ensure your health and well-being while attending the University of Dayton.  All International students registered for classes are required to carry health insurance and will need to complete a waiver process by providing proof of coverage.

The University of Dayton does not provide insurance coverage for students.  Students that are not covered under their parent's plan should seek an individual plan that will cover them while they are attending the University.

Students are responsible to check with their insurance company to see if they are required to have a referral from their In-Network Primary Care Physician for any services.  Students may be required to pay the full price of services if they do not follow their insurance plan's guidelines.  Examples of insurance companies that may require this are HMO's, Medicaid, etc.

Students should always carry their insurance card (or a copy of both front and back of the card) with them at all times.


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