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Student Health Center

Sexual Assault or Rape

If you have been a victim of sexual assault/rape, your health is our top priority.

Your first step should be to call Public Safety at 937-229-2121 or 92121 (on a campus phone) or 911 to be taken to the Emergency Room.  Local hospitals have a special group of nurses and patient advocates that will guide you through this process.  They will examine you and offer you treatment if needed.  They will also collect evidence should you decide to prosecute the perpetrator. 

At the Student Health Center, we can provide medical evaluation and care that is confidential, but are not able to do a chain of custody for evidence collection.

If you prefer to come to the Student Health Center instead of the Emergency Room, please call 937-229-3131 and select option 2 (nurse line) or option 4 (Director of Nursing).  They will work to set up an appointment for you to be seen by one of our physicians for a physical exam and STD check and/or treatment.  If you are uncomfortable talking with a nurse, you can call the appointment line and tell the secretary that you have a personal issue and would like to see a female physician (for a female patient) or a male physician (for a male patient).  They will schedule a 30 minute visit.  Our secretary will normally only ask questions about symptoms/concerns to see what type of visit and how long to schedule.

We also encourage you to talk with someone from the Counseling Center if you are having emotional struggles.

Following is the official University of Dayton Sexual Harassment/Misconduct Policy, Procedure and Resource Guide.


Student Health Center