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Seminars & Group Therapy

Group Information

The UD Counseling Center offers a variety of groups to address the diverse concerns of students. Research shows that group counseling is an effective mode of treatment for a variety of concerns, and offers unique therapeutic benefits compared to individual counseling. Flyers have always lived in community; this is an opportunity to heal in community. 

If you are interested in one of our groups call 937-229-3141 or email for more information. All groups are held in person at Gosiger Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2021 Groups

  • Anxiety and Depression Toolbox Seminar - A three-week psychoeducational group that provides a sound foundation of skills for effectively managing anxiety and depression and for improved mental and emotional health. This seminar is offered via Zoom in Fall 2021.


  • Anxiety Management - Anxiety is a significant concern for many college students. This group will offer specific strategies for increasing effective coping and an opportunity to receive support from peers who share this struggle. 

  • Coping with College - Is college more difficult than you thought it would be? Are you feeling anxious or struggling to find friends? This group will focus on providing weekly drop-in support, as well as strategies to make the best of your college experience.

  • Flyer Men - In a world in which a man’s role is no longer well-defined, this group provides a safe place for men to learn from and support each other as they navigate relationships, mental and emotional health challenges, academic/career stress, and other related topics. 

  • Mindfulness and Self Compassion - Do you feel that you are overly self-critical? Are you able to treat yourself with kindness when you experience a setback? This three-week seminar will provide a supportive space for you to learn how to treat both your mind and body with the kindness you deserve. 

  • Social Skills Support Group (ASD): College can come with new stress and pressures. Struggling to connect and find support may be one of those. If you are someone diagnosed with autism or have difficulty with social or communication skills, this weekly support group may be helpful for you. This group will focus on providing support, problem-solving, building and maintaining interpersonal relationships, and being successful in college. All academic years, all majors welcome!

  • Survivors GroupThis group will focus on support and on learning effective coping skills to help recover from the trauma of sexual violence. The group is open to any woman who has experienced sexual assault regardless of where or when the trauma occurred.

  • Understanding Self and Others - Struggling to form or maintain relationships? Feeling as though you do not communicate as effectively as you would like? This group offers the chance to give and receive feedback about interpersonal behaviors while learning and practicing new ways of relating to others.

 Groups with Campus Partners

  • Living with Loss - If you have experienced the death of someone close to you, it can affect all areas of your life. Whether your loss was recent or a while ago, being with others who understand can be very helpful. This group is offered by Campus Ministry and will provide support as well as strategies for increased effective coping. This group will be held via Zoom.


  • LGBTQ+ Support - A support group for the LGBTQ+ community at UD. Whether you are navigating the coming-out process, looking to build community, or looking for a safe and affirming place this group is for you! This group will be held in person at Art Street.


  • Space for Healing and Growth - This is a drop-in support group taking place in the MEC Family Room in Alumni Hall in partnership with MEC. Students of color have the unique burden of race-related stress and/or trauma which can add to the stressors of being in college. This space offers students of color a place to process the challenges of tolerating stress and managing difficult or painful emotional experiences while also building resilience, validating and empowering oneself and others. Those interested can contact Daniela (

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