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Kognito is an interactive role-play simulation for faculty/staff and students that builds awareness, knowledge and skills about mental health and suicide prevention, while preparing users to lead real-life conversations with individuals in distress and connect them with support. Users are introduced to conversation skills and learn effective techniques to approach a student showing signs of distress using non-judgmental language in a manner that avoids giving unsolicited advice. The focus is on expressing care and concern while connecting individuals to resources.

To successfully complete this module, users should anticipate taking at least 30 minutes to appropriately review content and respond to interactive questions.

Access Information:

To access the module visit
You will need to create an account if you're a first-time user with your University of Dayton User ID.  
To access the Faculty/Staff module use enrollment key: udayton
To access the student module use enrollment key: udaytonstudent

We hope you help us enrich the community of care that is an intrinsic piece of our institutional identity. To be successful as an institution, all within the UD community must be involved and take an active role to model an ethos of wellness that destigmatizes mental health issues and educates around mind, body, and spirit issues.  

For questions please contact Sarah DeWitt, Coordinator of Health Education and Wellness Promotion at

Mental Health Does Not Define Me!


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