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Programs and Services

The Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education (CADRE) is committed to empowering students to make well-informed, healthy, and responsible decisions. CADRE promotes personal responsibility and legal accountability in choices related to alcohol and other drug use.

Our services include prevention education, intervention services, and providing support to those who do not use alcohol or other drugs. 

Incoming students are required to complete three online courses, which make up the Community Education Modules. One of these modules, is AlcoholEdu. AlcoholEdu is a two-part course, which educates students on the impacts of alcohol and provides information needed to make healthy decisions. 
Party Host

Party Host is training program for students that focuses on Social Host Responsibility. The training addresses potential risks associated with having a party and helps students identify strategies needed to keep everyone safe. This program is PATH eligible. 

Recognized student organizations are not permitted to host events with alcohol unless they meet all of the requirements in the Student Organization Resource Guide.

Intervention Services
Our interventions services are designed to help students make better decisions about using substances. Intervention services providing students with information that promote healthier choices, intended to reduce risk. Interventions are lead by licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors in individual and group sessions. 
Prevention Education
Our prevention education programming includes awareness campaigns, special events, interactive programs, and presentations. Through our programming, we work to create a campus culture where students make decisions that promote individual and community-wide health and safety. 
Screen U is a web-based, brief assessment that identifies high risk substance use and connects students with appropriate resources on campus.  
Substance-Free Opportunities
From student organizations, support groups, substance free housing, and late night programming, there are many ways to stay involved on campus without using alcohol or other drugs.

Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education

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