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Sport Club FAQs

What is a Sport Club?

Sport Clubs allow students to get together regularly to learn a new sport or continue playing a sport they love. All University of Dayton Sport Clubs are student-run organizations that have varied practice and competition schedules. Most Sport Clubs compete against other universities and are members of conferences or leagues. Some host events on campus but many also travel to compete. 

To inquire about details regarding a specific club, please reference contacts within our Sport Club Listing page. 


How do I join a Sport Club?

Some of our sport club teams require tryouts, but many are always accepting members. For more information or to request accommodations, reach out to the contact listed on the Sport Club Listing page. 


Does it cost to join a Sport Club?

Each club charges an annual membership due to each of its student-athletes. This money goes into the overall operating dollars the club needs to be able to function throughout the academic year. 


How much commitment is required to join a Sport Club?

The level of commitment varies from team to team. Leadership from the individual Sport Club will determine the level of commitment. Teams practice, on average, 3 times a week and compete on weekends. 


I want to play a sport that isn’t listed, how can I start up a club?

To start a new club, you must fill out the ‘New Organization Form,’ on 1850. The form will ask you to have information about interested members, an advisor, and the constitution; make sure to have these items before filling out the form. The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) will reach out to you with approval and/or any questions.  You will be a student organization for a year on probationary status before Sport Club consideration. If you have any questions, reach out to CSI (


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