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Event Registration

Sport Club Event Registration

Any club seeking to hold an event, practice, or game within a UDCR facility should follow the steps below to ensure the successful planning and organization of their endeavor. Should you have any questions or need to follow up with a staff member, please contact the Competitive Sports staff at (937) 229-2396.

UDCR Facility Reservation

1) Complete submit and receive approval for UDCR Facility Reservation through the UDCR website.
2) Register event and receive approval through 1850 (2 weeks advance)
3) Should the event be a special event or home game, schedule a pre-event meeting 1-2 weeks prior to the event with the Competitive Sports staff should any unique parameters need to be met

Once facility space has been reserved, a sport club can move forward with registering their event on 1850. Please see below for details.

1850 Event Registration

Registering Events with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) requires that any and every time your sport club officially meets it is to be registered and approved with the office before that gathering takes place.

All organization events must be registered through 1850, the online database for storing all student organization information. CSI and UDCR require that each sport club utilize 1850 by entering all practices, games, events, competitions, team bonding, team meetings, etc. and have them approved prior to the event date.

1) Do not wait until the last minute to register an event!

2) Students cannot RSVP to events or sign release and agreement forms until the event is registered and approved by CSI. Please be sure to plan ahead.

3) Log in to your group.

  • Log into 1850.
  • Click ‘My Memberships’ in the red bar at the top of the homepage.
  • Select your organization or click All Memberships if you do not see it here.

4) Click Events in the toolbar.

5) Click on the green Create an Event button

6) Complete the information requested.

7) At the bottom of the first page, be sure to select the appropriate audience under ‘Who can See This’, particularly if you will be using the RSVP feature you don‘t want people who cannot attend the event to see it.

  • Most events will fall under the third radio box your organization only

8) If your event involves heightened risk or travel

  • These events require the use of electronic RSVP and waiver completion.
  • First, make sure under participants RSVP is not set to RSVP not required.
  • Also, click the arrows to expand the Advanced Options: Assessment and Forms
  • Select ‘Pre-Registration Form’ and choose the ‘RSVP Form (Release and Agreement & Vehicle/Driving Forms)’. This is the only way for participants to complete the Release & Agreement Form and cannot be added once participants begin to RSVP.

9) Complete the rest of the event registration form.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact someone in the Center for Student Involvement and we will be more than happy to assist you with event registration.
  • Remember, your event may require contacting and communicating with several different offices/departments on campus. The earlier you register your event, the likelier that any problems will be solved and your event approved.

Once the event has been approved, a student organization may move forward with conducting their event.


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