Sport Clubs

The individual groups that make up our Sport Clubs program vary greatly in regards to roster size, competitive mission, and time commitment that each member must devote to the organization. Sport Clubs are meant to provide a learning experience for their members through involvement in teamwork, fundraising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting and scheduling, as well as through the development of skills in their particular sport. These student driven groups are formed so the participants in each club may learn new skills, improve existing skills, engage in competitions, and/or enjoy recreational and social fellowship.

Through participation in a sport club, UD students will be challenged not only physically, but intellectually and emotionally with the aim of realizing their full leadership potential.

To learn more about overall sport club operations, departmental policies, and best practices, please review the UD Sport Club Manual. Should you have additional questions regarding a specific club or Sport Clubs in general, please contact the Competitive Sports Staff.


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