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On Your PATH to 30

What is On Your PATH to 30?

On Your PATH to 30 is an active program that will take place over 4 themed weeks. Those who achieve the weekly objectives (see program rules below) will receive 1 PATH point each week, with a total of 4 PATH points possible throughout the program. Participants of the On Your PATH to 30 program will receive the "Get Your 30" t-shirt if they achieve either 4 PATH points or check in for a minimum of 30 minutes on 16 of the 29 days the program is running.

Research by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) supports that adults require at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On Your PATH to 30 looks to increase your awareness of how 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous daily exercise can impact your overall health and wellbeing, while also debunking the barriers and encouraging the benefits of exercise to promote healthy lifestyles.

UD Campus Recreation has partnered with AVIATE to make this a PATH eligible event. Learn more about this year’s AVIATE Flight Plan and for FAQ’s about AVIATE and the PATH point program.


Program Registration

To register for the On Your PATH to 30 program, please visit or visit the RecPlex Welcome Desk during regular business hours. Registration opens on Friday, August 26, 2022, and will remain open through the entirety of the program. Participants must have an active Campus Recreation membership and be registered for On Your PATH to 30 in order for their 30-minute workouts to be tracked and for access to the weekly reflection forms. 

Individuals who attempt to participate without pre-registering will not be eligible for PATH or the t-shirt until their registration has been processed. Any activity prior to that time will not count towards their achievement of either incentive.

2022 Weekly Themes

THEME: What is Wellbeing?

What is wellbeing? What does it mean for me? And how can it impact my life? This week we will explore answers to these questions and more about what makes wellbeing so important and the impact that it has on your college experience and beyond. (Note: Week 1 runs through Monday, September 12 to account for the Labor Day holiday)

THEME: Focus on the Physical

Physical activity and staying active have an immense impact on your wellbeing. This week we will explore the physical impact that this movement has on the body and how building healthy exercise habits can impact your lifelong wellbeing.

THEME: Mindfulness from Movement

While exercising and daily movement are critical to your physical wellbeing, just as important is the impact of that movement on your mental health! This week we will explore the mental health benefits of exercise, and how 30 minutes of intentional movement each day can impact your overall wellbeing.

THEME: Building Relationships through Recreation

A large part of the college experience is meeting new people, but sometimes it’s difficult to know how to make those connections. This week we will explore how physical activity and UD Campus Recreation’s program offerings can help you to build relationships that can last a lifetime and greatly enhance your social wellbeing.

Program Rules

  • To receive a PATH point each week, two criteria must be met:
    1. Participants must engage in recreational activity within the RecPlex for a minimum of 30 minutes, four (4) days of the themed week.
    2. Participants must complete a guided reflection activity where they will identify the impact the week-long program has had on their perception of personal health and wellness. Participants will receive the link to the reflection on Friday each week. 
  • Participants must check-in and check-out for each visit at the marked computers outside of the Equipment Resource Center on the first floor of the RecPlex. Forgetting to checkout will result in your visit not counting towards the total. Please note that facility entry scans at the Welcome Desk do not record or account for On Your PATH to 30 participation. 
  • Participants must check in and out while the RecPlex is open in order for their activity to count. Any checkouts that occur after 11:59 PM (Sunday-Thursday) or 9:59 PM (Friday-Saturday) WILL NOT be counted as credit towards the program. 
  • Participants of the PATH to 30 program will receive a "Get Your 30" t-shirt if they achieve either: 4 path points, OR, check-in for a minimum of 30 minutes for at least 16 of the 29 days the program is running. 
  • Any attempt to utilize another’s ID or falsify participation in conjunction with the Misrepresentation Clause of the University of Dayton Student Code of Conduct will result in program disqualification. 
  • Campus Recreation provides inclusive facilities, programs, and services to meet the recreational needs of all users. Students who are not enrolled in twelve (12) billable credit hours, and therefore not current Campus Recreation members, will have the opportunity to be registered for a special program pass permitting them to use the facility for the duration of the program they choose to participate. If applicable, please contact
  • The University of Dayton strives to provide equal and easy access to programs and services for individuals with disabilities. Individuals requiring accommodations to attend this event are encouraged to contact the LTC's Office of Learning Resources (OLR) in advance with their request in order to ensure adequate processing time.
    • Contact OLR by telephone at 937-229-2066 (TTY 937-229-2059 for deaf/hard of hearing) or by email at

Education and Reflection

Every Monday participants will receive an email explaining what the theme of the week will be. There will be educational materials related to the topic of the week included as well as opportunities to get involved. 

Every Friday participants will receive a link to the weekly reflection. This must be completed by the given deadline in order to receive the weekly PATH point.


Contact us at with any questions!


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