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Facility Rental Overview

The primary purpose of Campus Recreation facilities is to provide recreational and physical activity opportunities to the University of Dayton undergraduate students, as well as faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students who purchase memberships.

The Campus Recreation Department schedules facilities for the internal programming purposes of Aquatics, Fitness, Informal Recreation, Intramural Sports, Outdoor Adventure, and Sport Clubs along with external programs such as HSS Classes and the Faculty/Staff Wellness Program.

After these primary uses have been met, the Campus Recreation Department may make the remaining time and space available to other external groups on a rental basis, using the following priority list:

  1. Recognized University of Dayton Student Organizations: To be considered for group rentals, student groups must meet the following criteria:
    • Be a registered and active student organization or residence hall floor.
    • Be free of unresolved issues related to prior use of the Campus Recreation Department.
  2. University of Dayton Departments/Academic Units: Classification is any official University of Dayton office or department with a university budget.
  3. Community Groups: Any group not included in the above two categories, including those external to the University of Dayton.

General Rental Guidelines

The following policies apply to all indoor and outdoor facilities managed by Campus Recreation including, but not limited to, the Recreation and Fitness Complex (RecPlex), Outdoor Engagement Center (OEC), Stuart Field, and Graul Tennis Center.

  • Any event considered by the Campus Recreation Department to be potentially harmful to the public image of the University of Dayton, the Division of Student Development and the Campus Recreation Department will not be permitted.
  • The Campus Recreation Department and Facilities Management reserves the right to determine the potential harm to facilities and may not approve said request.
  • The scheduling of events will be based on facility availability and approval by the Campus Recreation Department, with special consideration paid to University annually recurring events. 
  • The Campus Recreation Department will determine the extent of the University of Dayton personnel required to safeguard the University's interest for all events

Facility Requests

  • Any facility request is to come via the web Facility Request Form at least four weeks prior to the event. Requests are typically processed 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Confirmation of the request will be made by the Campus Recreation Department once it is determined that the facility is available and the requirements of the event are satisfactory. 
  • The reservation request needs at least a two week notice in advance of the event, with large scale events requiring at least four weeks
  • Groups renting a facility will be held financially responsible for any special cleaning, maintenance or repair resulting from the event or activity.
  • Groups renting a facility are required to observe all applicable policies of the Campus Recreation Department and the University of Dayton, and all local, state and federal laws.
  • The Campus Recreation Department is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property belonging to the members of rental groups using the facilities.
  • Groups renting facilities will sign agreements designating use, costs, etc.

Rental Fees & Associated Charges

General Information

  • Guests and members of recognized student groups who are not enrolled for at least twelve credit hours must purchase a daily guest pass to enter an indoor facility and sign a waiver, or the student group may rent the facility space at the internal rate to allow access for non-member participants attending the event.
  • Although student groups are not required to pay space rental fees, they are required to pay event operation, after hour charges and equipment charges.

Space Rental Fees 

  • The length of the rental period includes preparation, set up and tear-down/clean-up times.
  • If a group uses a facility for a portion of an hour, they will be charged for the half hour, unless they have rented the facility for the day (i.e. the Campus Recreation Department will bill in ½ hour increments).

Event Operation Charges 

  • In addition to the rental fee, the rental group is responsible for all direct labor costs incurred by the Campus Recreation Department that are necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of the facility.
  • These costs include, but are not limited to, facility operations staff, Alpha & Omega staff, lifeguards and rock wall staff.
  • The amount of staff assigned to an event will be determined based on the size and nature of the event.
  • Rental groups will also be charged for any special cleaning, maintenance or repair resulting from the event or activity.

After Hours Charges 

In addition to the rental and event operation fees, any group that schedules an event outside of a facility's regular operating hours must pay the personnel costs incurred in keeping the facility open beyond its posted hours.

Final Payment Due Date

  • Rental fees and all other associated charges are due 30 days following the event date, or in the case of a long-term rental, 30 days following the expiration of the lease term.
  • For internal rentals, an account number must be provided.

Additional Information

University Department Youth Programming

University departments/academic units are responsible for insuring that any youth (under 18 years old) attending their rental event that a parent/guardian signs an Informed Voluntary Consent Form.

General Public/Certificate of Insurance

For groups external to the University of Dayton, this Certificate of Insurance is intended to maintain at all times during this agreement hereunder, insurance with Ohio authorized insurers as follows:

  • Comprehensive General Liability, including Personal Injury Liability coverage, in the amount of $1,000,000.
  • The Certificate of Insurances must include the following language:  "The Additional Insured shall include The University of Dayton, its affiliates and subsidiaries, elected and appointed officials, all employees, and volunteers, all boards, commissions and/or authorities, and board members, including employees and volunteers thereof.  Coverage provided shall be primary to the Additional Insured’s and not contributing with any other insurance or similar protection available to the Additional Insured’s whether other available coverage be primary, contributing or excess."
  • To provide certificate(s) of insurance to UD Department of Campus Recreation, please submit them a minimum of ten (10) business days to the beginning date of the use of UDCR facilities.

Food Service

  • Rental groups are not permitted to bring their own food or beverages to any indoor or outdoor facility or activity space without the approval of the Campus Recreation Department.
  • Concessions must be approved by UDCR prior to event and detailed in any event addendums.
  • Eating and drinking are allowed only in specified areas.
  • Alcoholic beverages and all forms of illegal substances are strictly prohibited.
  • All guests must abide by the Campus Recreation Department’s no smoking policy along with no chewing tobacco.

NOTE: The University has an exclusive beverage contract with PepsiCo that must be complied with in any facility at the University of Dayton.


Parking is the responsibility of the rental group – visit the Parking Services page or call 937.229.2128.


Campus Recreation has a variety of equipment available for groups to utilize. Please contact us at 937.229.2731 with specific needs or describe desired equipment in the Facility Reservation Form and Campus Recreation will accommodate if able. 


Rental groups are not allowed to sell products, or contract with outside vendors to sell products, in a Campus Recreation Department’s facility without the prior written approval of the Campus Recreation Department.

Outdoor Facilities

The Campus Recreation Department does not guarantee alternate indoor facilities, or rain dates, in the event of inclement weather; however, it will make every effort to find space or alternate dates.

Signs and Decorations

  • No signage or decorations are permitted without the prior approval of the Campus Recreation Department.
  • Request for signage and decorations must be included in the original facility request. 
  • Signs must not interfere with access to entrances/exits.
  • Decorations must be free-standing, including signs.
  • Duct tape, scotch tape may not be used on any floor or wall surface. It is recommended to use poster putty or quick release tape. 
  • No signage or decorations including glitter or confetti are permitted without prior approval.
  • Please note Campus Recreation does not provide extension cords, tape, power strips, or other supplies. 
  • The group is responsible for removing all decorations upon conclusion of the event.  


Campus Recreation is proud to offer many of our facilities to groups and organizations or workshops at the university of Dayton.  General usage conference/workshop guests may be able to utilize recreational facilities that are usually available only to students, faculty, alumni, and staff.  Most recreation areas are also available to outside groups on a rental basis for special group events.

Prices vary for size of group and use of space so please contact us at 937.229.2731 for fees and schedules. 

All reservation requests must be received at least 30 days in advance of the event. Please complete the Facility Request Form.


Campus Recreation

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