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Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Just for fun, or with competition in mind, our swim instructors will help you reach your goals. Age and ability make no difference; it is never too late to learn how to swim or to refine one’s skills!

Lesson Formats

The following types of lessons are available for the noted age groups:

  • Group Lessons: Age 1 year - 14 years
  • Private Lessons: All ages

More information on the different formats can be found below.


Registration can be completed at

The deadlines for registration can be found below:

  • Session 1: February 8th
  • Session 2: March 15th
  • Session 3: February 13th

Group Swim Lessons

 Group swim lessons allow for participants to learn and grow in a small, supportive group environment. Each lesson accommodates 2 to 5 participants at the same level, with dates and times on a structured schedule to assist with progress of skills. Students learn collaboratively with each other and practice individually with the instructor to master the necessary skills outlined to complete each level.

Private Swim Lessons

 Private lessons are an opportunity to have one-on-one instruction that guides the participant to their goals. Each lesson is developed around the strengths and needs of the participant to meet them at their level. Lessons can follow UDCR's swim lesson level objectives or assist in reaching the specific goals of the participant. 

Currently, swim lessons are only open to membership. We hope to offer lessons to nonmembers in the following months.




  • $45


  •  $65


  • $85