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Be a Part of a Community that will Motivate, Inspire and Empower Your Fitness Goals.

Semester Membership Dates
  • Fall 2021: August 15 - December 31
  • Spring 2022: January 1 - May 15

Membership Type Criteria

Campus Recreation memberships are broken down into categories of Individual Memberships and Add-On Memberships.

Individual Memberships

The Individual Member is identified as the person with a direct relationship to the University of Dayton. As such, this person must hold an Individual Membership in their respective category (i.e. Student, Faculty/Staff, Alumni/Affiliate). One must have an Individual Membership in order to sponsor one of the Add-On Memberships or a Guest Pass.

Add-On Memberships

Add-On Members are those who are either sponsored by or considered part of the immediate family of a current Campus Recreation Member. These memberships are purchased in addition to any of the Individual Memberships described above.

For more information on the Single Family Member, Family, and Plus One Memberships, see the Add-On Memberships section below.


Parking Permits must be obtained from Parking Services located in the North West corner of Fitz Hall, at the intersection of Brown and Caldwell. Parking Services will issue parking passes based on current lot availability. For more information on UD Parking Services or to buy a pass, please visit our parking page or Parking Services.

Payment Options

Campus Recreation accepts the following forms of payment:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Check
  • University of Dayton Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction
Faculty and Staff may purchase their membership by way of Payroll Deduction during two periods* each year:

  • Fall: August 1 to September 30
  • Spring: January 1 to February 28

Deductions are withdrawn in 5 equal installments in the same semester as purchase.

*These periods also align with the two HR Subsidy membership periods. For more information on the HR Subsidy, see the Faculty and Staff Membership section below.

Membership Types

Full Time Undergraduate Students

Individuals in this group are enrolled in at least 12 credit hours in a degree seeking program at the University. Membership for these individuals is included within their tuition.

Part Time students

Individuals in this group are enrolled in 1-11 credit hours at the University or are enrolled in a unique program. This group includes but is not limited to:

Part Time Students

  • Special Programs (IEP, LaLanne, LLI)
  • Co-Ops

Advanced Degree Programs 

  • Graduate
  • Doctoral
  • Law
  • DPT

Graduate Assistants
To be eligible for the Graduate Assistant rate, these individuals must have a contract on file with the Graduate School.

Student Memberships_Post Oct 1


Individuals in this group include full and part time employees of the University of Dayton, as well as UD retirees. Additionally, memberships are available for staff members of the following Campus Partners:

  • GE EPISCenter
  • MITRE Corporation
  • Emerson Innovation Center
  • Krush Technologies

During two time periods each year, full time, benefit eligible University of Dayton employees are given the opportunity for a $100 (annual) or $50 (semester) Individual Membership discount courtesy of a contribution from Human Resources. Add-On Memberships do not qualify for this subsidy. The HR Subsidy periods are as follows:

  • Fall: August 1 to September 30
  • Spring: January 1 to February 28

Faculty/Staff Membership Prices



Campus Recreation membership includes those who have obtained a degree from the University of Dayton. “Alumni status will be verified after the sale, so no documentation is need at time of transaction.”


Campus Recreation also extends membership opportunities to groups who have a direct relationship with UD. Affiliates must have a photo ID to document their membership to one of the following groups:

  • Dayton Early College Academy Staff

To inquire further about eligibility, please contact Ben Heller or call 937-229-2634.

Alumni/Affiliate Membership Prices


Types of Add-On Memberships

Single Family Member or Family Membership
Those eligible for inclusion on a Single Family Member or Family Membership are the Individual Member's legal spouse, as well as natural or adopted children or stepchildren 25 and under at the time of purchase. The Individual Member must claim the children on their tax return in order to qualify, and they must be present at the time of membership registration or renewal.

Plus One Membership
You do not have to be alone in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle! Many individuals are motivated by working out with a friend or family member. Campus Recreation's Plus One membership allows a current UDCR member to sponsor one person of their choosing for membership. This person does not need to be UD affiliated beyond their sponsor. The individual (sponsoring) member must be present at the time of membership registration or renewal for the Plus One membership. The Plus One person must present a photo ID at time of purchase. Individuals with a Plus One membership are not eligible to sponsor additional members.

Student, Alumni and Affiliate Add-On Memberships

Student, Alumni and Affiliate Add-On Prices

Faculty/Staff Add-On Memberships

Faculty/Staff Add-On Membership Prices

The following individuals are eligible to purchase Guest Passes for $8 per visit:

Sponsored Guests of UDCR Members
Each current UD Campus Recreation Member may sponsor up to two guests per visit. 

Guests of the Dayton Marriott
Guests must show proof of current patronage of the Dayton Marriott.

Member-Eligible Individuals
Those with a direct relationship to the University of Dayton and eligible to hold an Individual Membership in their respective category (i.e. student, faculty/staff, alumni/affiliate) are able to purchase a Guest Pass for a single visit.


Campus Recreation

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