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PAVE Logo VerticalPAVES are a group of dedicated sexual violence prevention peer educators striving toward a safer, happier, and healthier UD.  Sexual violence happens on college campuses, but through education and bystander intervention, we can fight back.

Mission statement: We are peer educators with the goal of stopping sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking at University of Dayton.  We provide effective and inclusive education to facilitate well-being on campus, empower the community to become agents of change, and spread empathetic understanding of how power based personal violence can affect individuals in an evolving world.

Values: open-mindedness, trust, growth, dialogue, and empathy

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Do these look like some awesome people? Do you want to get involved and fight back against sexual assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence at UD? Apply to be a member of PAVE! Learn more about PAVE's work here.  PAVE applications are due October 28, 2020.  Email PAVE Adviser Kristen Keen at with any questions.
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Britney Amin

Year: Senior

Major: Biology

Why PAVE?: I wanted to inform others and be a part of something that would make a positive difference at the university. 

Fun Fact: I have traveled to Cameroon, England, Spain, France, Monaco, and Italy!

Sophie Ante

Year: Junior

Major: Intervention Specialist Education

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE in order to educate and warn the community about sexual assault.  It's my duty as a future educator to create a safe environment and to make sure all students are safe.

Fun Fact: I was born on a full moon.

Gabrielle Bedner

Year: Junior

Major: Discovery Arts

Why PAVE?:  I wanted to be part of the future. A group that has the chance to educate those around us hopefully making the world a safer and better place one person at a time. This is a very serious issue that is escalating very quickly. I am very passionate about teaching young men and women what consent really is.

Fun Fact:  I am in AFROTC.

Bailee Boland

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology and Human Rights

Why PAVE?:  I want to work with victims of sexual assault in the future through counseling and it seemed like a great way to start towards my future career. I am also interested in educating people about topics that maybe be considered taboo or aren’t talked about a lot, which PAVE does!

Fun Fact:  I can read the entire Harry Potter book series in three and a half days.

Jada Brown

Year: Junior

Major: Biology and Psychology

Why PAVE?:  I joined PAVE because sex, consent, and violence education are important and I want to continue to do my part to educate people on these pressing, show how they affect everyone, and guide others to be apart of the solution. 

Fun Fact:  I am a Virgo.

Abby Bruns

Year: Junior

Major: Political science

Why PAVE?: I want to become an attorney and work for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Fun Fact: I’m fostering/training a golden retriever named Marina to become a service dog with 4 Paws for Ability.

Gabby Campana

Year: Junior

Major: Women's and Gender Studies

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE because I'm passionate about ending sexual violence and intimate partner violence on campus. I also wanted to become an educator within the UD community on these topics.

Fun Fact: I love narwhals.

Bobbi Carnes

Year: First year

Major: Nursing

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE because I want the students on campus to feel heard and understood as well as educate people on relationship violence and potentially save lives.

Fun Fact: I have an older sister that I found out about last year that was actually given up for adoption before I was born.

Katie Gillotti

Year: Junior

Major: Middle Childhood Education

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE because I want to continue to learn about these important topics and hopefully educate and assist others along the way.

Fun Fact: I love doing puzzles.

Katie Hay

Year: Sophomore

Major: Human Rights Studies and French

Why PAVE?: After being involved with the Brook Center and seeing the warm PAVE community in the office, I knew I wanted to join! Being a PAVE is a rewarding experience to make UD a safer community and partake in meaningful conversations. I am so grateful to be a PAVE and encourage those interested to learn more! 

Fun Fact: Our apartment has three people named Katie!

Rachael Haselhuhn

Year: Senior

Major: Communication; Minor: Spanish

Why PAVE?: I consider myself a friend to everyone and someone who strives to bring about positive change. I joined PAVE to educate myself and others on the many forms of sexual and relationship violence so that I can help victims through their healing process. 

Fun Fact: I'm very skilled at table tennis.

Lexie Hinkle

Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Why PAVE?: I’ve always wanted the opportunity to be able to make a difference in my community. Being in PAVE allows me to further educate myself and my peers. I hope that by spreading helpful information it could someday made a positive and important impact in someone’s life. 

Fun Fact: I don’t have the string under my tongue.

Malon Hood

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE because I wanted to better educate myself about how I can help those in need who may have experienced assault or violence. 

Fun Fact: I went to a school of arts for high school where my magnet was theater and choir. 

Paige Howland

Year: First year

Major: Chemistry

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE to help educate our UD community and myself on sexual assault prevention. Being a part of PAVE is allowing myself to help educate our community and bring positivity to those who may need it. 

Fun Fact: I have been scuba diving in a ship wreck.

Nikki Huebner

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications Major - PR concentration 

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE because I wanted to bring awareness to these issues, actively try to prevent them from happening on our campus, and remind survivors that they are supported and have resources to turn to. 

Fun Fact: I have a tattoo of a croc on my arm! 

Sierra Johnson

Year: Sophomore

Major: Criminal Justice Studies with a Pre-Law concentration

Why PAVE?: As an individual seeking to place a permanent impact on the world, PAVE is an opportunity to provide college students tools and the needed support to handle sexual assault and intimate partner violence relationships.  PAVE is an outlet to express myself and my desire to connect with students in this wonderful community.

Fun Fact: I am a first-generation college student.

Kate Jones

Year: Junior

Major: Sociology and Human Rights

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE because of my passion for community and non-violence.

Fun Fact: I am named after baby Kate from the PBS Kids TV show "Arthur"!

Madysen Lancaster

Year: Sophomore

Major: Entrepreneurship

Why PAVE?: I joined this organization because we share a common goal: to make this campus a safe and peaceful place for everyone. PAVE allows me to contribute to the prevention of sexual violence and intimate partner abuse by educating my peers and working alongside passionate, strong individuals.

Fun Fact: I love to listen to music.

Abigail Medler

Year: Junior

Major: Political science

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE because everything it stands for is extremely prevelant in my life and I wanted to be able to educate and support my peers to the best of my ability.

Fun Fact: I sleep with my socks on.

Erika Moeller

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Why PAVE?: I believe it is important for students to be informed about the issues that are all too pertinent in our society today.  I want to be a resource to help people who have been exposed to hardship get the assistance they need.

Fun Fact: I was a Camp Blue counselor for the class of 2023!

Brigid Morgan

Year: Junior

Major: Biology; Minor: Spanish, philosophy

Why PAVE?:  I want to help make a difference in our campus community around difficult conversations and support survivors of violence to make UD a safer, more inclusive place.

Fun Fact:  I play clarinet in the Pride of Dayton and Flyer Pep Band.

Meg O'Gara

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Why PAVE?: I want to give survivors the courage to speak up with confidence that their voices will be heard, to educate my peers on these important and relevant topics, and to do my part to better the community here at UD.

Special Interests: Having conversations that broaden others and my own perspective, victim blaming in cases of relationship abuse or sexual violence, support for survivors and allowing everyone to tell their story

Fun Fact: I went to Tanzania with absolutely no one that I knew when I was 16 years old.

Christopher Peck

Year: Senior

Major: Environmental Biology

Why PAVE?:  It seemed like a great opportunity to educate my peers on a topic that I believe to be important. 

Fun Fact: My roommate is a plastic skeleton named Esteban.

Simon Petrick

Year: Sophomore

Major: Discover Arts

Why PAVE?:  Education and change are accomplished by diverse, strong and empathetic groups. These values are strong within PAVE and are why I applied to the group, with a goal that experience(s) as a peer educator will lend to my ally-ship and advocacy in career/professional setting. 

Fun Fact: I enjoy playing tennis.

Michael Saylor

Year: Junior

Major: Environmental Biology

Why PAVE?:  I joined PAVE to help lead the way to a safer, more inclusive community!

Fun Fact:  I have studied taekwondo for 14 years and have competed in many State, National and Jr. Olympic competitions as a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Lanny Sparks

Year: Junior

Major: Adolescent to Young Adult Education

Why PAVE?: I joined PAVE because I saw it as a great opportunity to help my community.  I also believe the skills I can learn from being a PAVE are ones that I can carry with me as a future teacher.

Fun Fact: I have no depth perception because my left eye is a lazy eye.

Claudia VanZandt

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice

Why PAVE?: I want to help educate the community on sexual violence in the goal of preventing it.

Fun Fact: I am also a student leader in the Ohio Innocence Project on campus.

Get Involved in PAVE!
Do these look like some awesome people? Do you want to get involved and help fight back against sexual assault on our campus? Apply to be a member of PAVE! Contact Kristen Altenau Keen at for more information.

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