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UpstreamUD: A Podcast

We invite you to tune into UpstreamUD- a podcast hosted by The Brook Center. This show will highlight local, state, and national voices discussing the complexities of being human. Join us as, together, we tackle social issues, cultural movements, relationships  and wellbeing in a way that showcases how we really are more alike than we are different. 

Find UpstreamUD through the links below, on Spotify, the Apple podcast app, or on 1850. 

A PATH credit will be available through AVIATE if the post-episode reflection is completed in the posted time frame on 1850. The Learning Goals for each episode can also be found on 1850. 


** The Brook Center values the uniqueness and diversity of all people. The goal of this podcast is to celebrate the wellbeing of all people and to create a space to learn and grow through conversations. We recognize that no one person is an expert on all things and that the people spotlighted on our episodes can only represent their own views and life experiences. We are grateful for the opportunity to create content where we can all engage in lifelong learning.
Episode 1: Ohio State Representative Tavia Galonski

Rep. Galonski has served Ohio in a legal capacity for over 15 years-- from a magistrate in domestic relations court, to juvenile court, and currently state legislature. 

Listen as we chat about how she advocated as a flight attendant to get similar negotiation privileges as pilots, how she has managed to thrive as often the only woman at the table, lack of diversity in the workplace, and how the average citizen can make impactful changes in their state. This debut episode braves important, but sometimes difficult conversations. 

Episode 2: Coach Jim Place

In this episode we are joined by Coach Jim Place, a double UD alum, high school football coach of more than 50 years, and a Character Education Expert. Coach Place describes what makes up one’s character and attitude and the power they both hold. He teaches the basic tools used to define one's personal character and core values, and inspires listeners to recognize the power of small, every day choices.

Episode 3: Ann Brandon, Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence

In this episode we are joined by Ann Brandon who is currently the Director of Prevention at The Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence. Ms. Brandon was also involved in the beginning research of Green Dot Philosophy in Northern Kentucky. In the interview, Ms. Brandon shares what is happening throughout Ohio on local and state levels to prevent sexual violence. She reminds us the importance of intervening in instances of power-based personal violence, of learning about the experiences of those from different cultures and backgrounds, and how crucial self-care is every day!

Episode 4: Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley
Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley (and UD Alum!!) joined us to talk about leading through crises and how to take care of yourself during stressful and uncertain times. She had helpful insight on the importance of having civil and productive dialogue, primarily with those we don’t agree with. She shares what it means to be inclusive and empathetic to all voices and perspectives and also the meaningful impact "the front porches" on campus had on her as she serves our city. Listen today! 
Episode 5: Dr. Jaymelee Kim
In this episode, we talk with Dr. Jaymelee Kim a Biocultural Human Rights Anthropologist. She explores the differences between human rights and social justice, shares her experiences studying human rights violations experienced by Indigenous Peoples in current events, and her work in post-civil war Uganda's reconciliation efforts. One of my favorite interviews to date!!
Episode 6: Mike Veny
Mike Veny joins us for this episode of UpstreamUD. He opens up about his past of suicide attempts and mental health struggles and triumphs. He was kicked out of school and hospitalized multiple times before he found a positive outlet in drumming. Mike is committed to transforming the stigma surrounding mental health by being vulnerable with his own experiences; a must listen for everyone.
Episode 7: Sandy Edwards
Sandy is a really incredible guest! She is a survivor, businesswoman, and author who opens up about her mental health journey, the power of forgiveness, and what quality self-care looks like in her life. She is an open book in the most inspiring way. Sandy gives tangible steps we can all implement to solidify our purpose and vocation in college and beyond.

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