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Wellbeing Programs

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Health Education and Wellbeing will send a representative to present on health and wellness topics to classes, student organizations, or residence hall floors.  Please take some time to review the presentations we offer and submit your requests.  If there is a specific topic not listed below, we are happy to accommodate your requestst!


Mental Health in College: Learn to identify when stress can be used to promote success and when stress can become unhealthy. Knowing the campus resources that can help you at varying levels of stress can help contribute to your academic success and personal fulfillment.


Counting Sheep to Get to Sleep: During this presentation participants will learn more about the sleep cycle, the benefits of sleep, and ways to improve the quality of sleep they get.  As part of this presentation student will receive a sleep kit and resources such as apps to help students track sleep.


One-Credit Mini Course: UDI 174: Health and Wellness: Health, Balance & Talents

Academic Credit: 1 semester hour (PASS/FAIL)

This course will introduce participants to holistic wellness and assist participants in achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Students will be challenged to assess and reflect on their own well-being, the choices they make, as well as how these choices impact their overall health and wellness. 

Outreach and Awareness Programming

These programs  provide an opportunity for the students to take a few minutes out of their busy lives to think about their personal well-being.  They are hosted at tables outside Kennedy Union or in the residence hall lobbies on a biweekly basis and cover topics such as nutrition, physical activity, test anxiety and time management, sleep and mental health.  Information on upcoming outreach events can be found in the Flyer Pulse monthly newsletter or on Instagram @ud_wellness.




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