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Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center

There are as many things to do as there are reasons to participate.

Our residential campus supports numerous opportunities for co-curricular involvement. Programs sponsored by the Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center support the academic, social, spiritual, and leadership development of students.

Take control of your education and begin to enjoy a positive college experience through the UD MEC Pre-Orientation Program. Celebrate holidays and build community through MEC Days. Celebrate accomplishments through recognition banquets. Recognize the contributions of cultural groups during LatinX Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month programming.



Diversity Peer Educators (DPE) is a program that brings together students from diverse backgrounds and experiences to promote social justice education and intergroup relations through peer-to-peer workshops, using activities that explore identity, group dynamics and power and privilege. DPEs have hosted Culture Not Costume workshops, educating students on cultural appropriation, as well as facilitating conversations on identity and race in residence halls and student organizations. 

Applications to join the Diversity Peer Educators are made available in October to join the spring cohort. To be eligible, you must plan on being an undergraduate student at UD through December of the following year.

Click here to apply for the Spring 2021 DPE Cohort.



Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center

Alumni Hall
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