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Diversity Peer Educators

DPE Programming

DPE has organized and hosted various events that celebrate and bring awareness to various cultural and social justice topics in our community. Some events are annual and others are responsive to issues of the times. Some annual programs include Culture Not Costume workshops and flyer campaigns, cultural heritage month showcases and celebrations, and dialogue events.

Please engage below with media from our past events:

DPE Chats

Join one of UD's DPEs (Diversity Peer Educators) for a 30 minute conversation over topics such as implicit bias, microaggressions, allyship, etc. This program creates a safe environment that will allow students to have a meaningful one on one discussion with a DPE member on social justice and related topics. These chats are PATH eligible and are available on appointment basis until February 11th.

Choose from the topics below when signing up on the appointment calendar:
- “I Didn’t Mean It Like That!” - a common phrase used by individuals who often find themselves accidentally using microaggressions. In this chat, we will be bringing awareness to microaggressions and how to avoid using them.
- Busting Bias - everyone has some biases that they might not even recognize! In this chat, we will be discussing implicit bias, it's implications, and how we can work to become aware of it.
- So...I’m White… - In this chat, we will take some time to consider what white privilege means, and the implications it may have on their lives.

Register for a DPE Chat through the AVIATE portal on 1850.



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