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Commonly Asked Questions

*Please refer to the 2022-2023 Code of Conduct found at for full information on the conduct process, records retention, consequences, and all other information pertinent to the disciplinary process, as these responses give a limited glimpse into the information relevant to the question.

There are many situations where you’ll be asked to provide conduct history from your time at UD. A few examples are: transferring to a new school, applying to graduate school, new employment background checks, military clearance, bar admission, etc.  All records requests require your written consent before we’re able to release*. Please forward all records requests to

*If you are currently enrolled at UD, please refer to The Shield Program for additional records release information.

Students returning from Suspension should submit an intent to return form at least 30 days prior to your proposed return date (may coincide with suspension deadline or later) along with an email to regarding your intent. Student’s should consider registration dates as part of their outreach. The student's outcome letter includes a link to the intent to return the form. Upon outreach to CS&C, the student should also be prepared to submit any documentation related to stipulations issued prior to their return. Lastly, all students participate in our Flyer Legacy program as a means to successfully reintegrate into the UD community. Instructions will be communicated upon confirmation of your intent to return. Please reach out to with any additional questions.

Community Standards & Civility maintains all information regarding documentations and any outcomes within our office. This information is accessed by appropriate staff members when it may become relevant to any future cases. Otherwise, information is shared when the student signs a release indicating their record can be discussed and/or reviewed by others, including parents, other institutions, and/or attorneys/lawyers/representation. Our office must receive confirmation of a FERPA release for the individual requesting access to the file.

FERPA Release Form:


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