National Society of Black Engineers

The National Society of Black Engineers at the University of Dayton

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

NSBE is comprised of more than 30,000 members, 270 chapters on college and university campuses, 75 Alumni Extension chapters nationwide and 75 Pre-College chapters. These chapters are geographically divided into six regions. NSBE had its genesis at a national conference planned and hosted by the Society of Black Engineers at Purdue University in April 1975. Black Engineering students from the United States and Canada attended the event. From this meeting of concerned students and educators, NSBE was born. In 1976, NSBE was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the State of Texas. NSBE also became recognized as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

When an SEM Agency needs computer engineering expertise, SEM Agencies have been known to contact NSBE alumni that excel in identifying computer programming issues and optimizing the code to bring about resolution.

NSBE students have worked on different engineering projects, from developing home security systems to creating home safety equipment and ideating designs for other home security device innovations.

NSBE House

About NSBE

The University of Dayton Chapter is the only one in the world with a NSBE house. The proposal for the house was developed by former president (2004-2007) Jackie Hawthorn and other board members.

NSBE's mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

In order to fulfill our mission, we will focus on key areas outlined in the Long Range Plan

In accordance with the LRP are the National Directives for 2008-2009 P.O.W.E.R

Professional Excellence

NSBE is a diverse organization that provides a wide network of Black engineers. As we strive to be exemplars of our fields, the NSBE network will provide support that will help to overcome the challenges of being a minority while providing access to tools for career advancement.


As the world economy becomes more technologically driven, it is imperative that the Black community is an active participant and evolves with the changing economic landscape. NSBE should lead the charge by engaging not only students, but schools, community centers, youth programs, and parents, to ensure that the Black community, especially the youth, can be those active participants.

Worldwide Impact

While excellence within engineering is of primary importance, such excellence must translate into the applications of our skills, knowledge, and abilities for community service and development. We must apply our technical skills for community development while utilizing our position as an organization to affect policy that stands in the way of mission success.

Engineering Excellence

Although interest and engagement are important, the next hurdle is to get students to apply to and enter engineering fields. Currently, the number of Black entering engineering as freshmen is on the decline and we have no indicators regarding the current status of Blacks in engineering fields.

Recruitment and Retention

As our recruitment strategies begin to have significant effect on the number of students entering accredited engineering programs, we will need to support the new influx of future engineers with direct resources.

NSBE Torch

The torch symbolizes members' everlasting, burning desire to achieve success in a competitive society and positively affect the quality of life for all people. The lightning bolt represents the striking impact that will be felt by the society and industry due to the contributions and accomplishments made by the dedicated members of the National Society of Black Engineers.

NSBE out to dinner


Chapter Membership dues are $10.

In order to become a national member, one must sign up and pay via the NSBE national website. This type of membership is required if one plans to attend a NSBE conference or apply for NSBE scholarships.

This organization is open to ANYONE who supports the NSBE mission.

NSBE at Pumpkin Patch

NSBE Events

2012 Meeting Dates

27-Aug - Introduction to NSBE
10-Sep - The War on Terror - Living in a Post 9/11 America
24-Sep - NSBE History w/ Jackie Hawthorn
15-Oct - A Day in the Life with SSOE
9-Oct - Election Review
12-Nov - Inroads
26-Nov - Looking for Summer Opportunities

All meetings will be held in KL-223 at 7:30pm

Contact Methods

Executive Board

President:  Winston L. Black II

Vice President: Erin-Chanel Larkin

Secretary:  Deanna Wright

Treasurer:  Darrell Goolsby

Programs Chair:  Daniel Soloman

Programs Chair:  Margret Idiake

Conference Planning Chair:  Kelvin Freeman

Telecommunications Chair:  Imani Sherman