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Model United Nations

The University of Dayton Model United Nations (UDMUN) has been an academic club since 1977. All UDMUN members receive one credit hour for each semester in which they are active participants. Members have the opportunity to go to Model UN conferences in Chicago, New York, and Dayton for minimal fees. The New York conference is the National Model United Nations conference which draws universities from all over the world. This provides numerous opportunities to meet diverse groups of students while learning about international issues. UDMUN also offers social activities and is currently trying to expand the number of conferences they attend. As a participant of Model United Nations, you have the ability to have a leadership position while gaining speaking, writing, and debating skills.

Opportunities and Awards

As a member of Model United Nations, you have many opportunities to participate in highly regarded conferences throughout the year. Below are the three conferences that our team competes in.

American Model United Nations Conference

The UD Model UN team annually attends the American Model United Nations conference held in Chicago, IL from November 17-20, 2012.University of Dayton sends a team of 13 students who compete against universities across the United States. This year, UD will be representing the country of Singapore.

DAYMUNC - Dayton Model United Nations Conference

Held locally in Dayton at Sinclair Community College, UD participates in DAYMUNC which is the only American collegiate conference sponsored by a community college. All members of the organization compete in this conference representing separate nations. The UD team also regularly has members working on staff for this conference. DAYMUNC will be held on February 3-4, 2013.

National Model United Nations Conference

Every spring, the UD team sends 17 delegates to New York City to compete in the National Model United Nations Conference. More than 5,000 delegates from across the globe in 20 committees discuss international issues in a world renowned city. Outside of conferences, delegates enjoy proximity to UN Permanent Missions and a trip to the United Nations itself. This year, the conference will be held March 24-28.

At this conference, there are three prestigious awards: 1st place - Outstanding Delegation, 2nd place- Distinguished Delegation, 3rd place-Honorable Mention.

In 2008, the UD Model UN team won Honorable Mention at the National Model UN Conference in New York City.

In 2012, the team won Distinguished Delegation at the National Model UN Conference.

In 2013, the team won Honorable Mention at the National Model UN Conference in New York City

In 2014, the team won Distinguished Delegation at the National Model UN Conference in New York City

Model UN Secretariat

President- Brent Veselik 
Economics, Political Science '15
Hinsdale, IL

Vice President - Melissa Cobb
International Studies, Political Science '15
Palos Hill, IL

Secretary-General of Delegate Workshop- Matt Mackowiak
INS & German
Pitt, PN  '17

Secretary- Alicia Linzmeier
Political Science '17
Pulaski, WI

Secretary General of Conference Affairs- Kailey Nolan
Biology & SEE & Poli Sci.
Dayton,OH  '15

Treasurer - Andrew Nitz
Finance '17
Niles, IL

University Of Dayton Model UN High School conference

For over a decade, the University of Dayton Model United Nations team has been welcoming high schoolers from the Miami Valley and beyond to the University of Dayton campus to participate in a conference.This is a single-day Model United Nations conference held annually in mid-November. As an event that enriches the lives of both the high schoolers and college students, the conference is a valuable asset to the Dayton community. Through the conference, we hope to educate high school students in the arts of debate, negotiation, and public speaking; inform high school students about the intricacies of international relations; and reveal the abilities and limitations of the United Nations to effect change in the realm of international politics.

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Welcome! The UD Model United Nations team is planning for its first annual 2013 Model UN Delegate Workshop to teach students on how to be a better delegate at conferences.This one day learning workshop is designed to be a fun and educational way to teach high school students on important topics such as committee structure, rules and procedures, position papers, speech making and resolution writing. Through these workshops, we hope to prepare students for UD's annual High School Conference in November.  For more information, please go to our additional tabs. 


Melissa Cobb

Meeting Time

9pm Tuesdays in Zehler Hall Room 101