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Committee Structure (Beginners) Workshop

This is intended to be an interactive and hands on session that will enable high school students to become better delegates. It will run as a beginner to pre-moderate session that will help aid in the understanding of committee procedures and structure as well as create confidence by implementing them into a committee setting. The importance of research on basic committee structure will be stressed when discussing the delegates’ personal research. This will relate to researching and writing position papers on background guide topics because it reflects on the delegates’ own knowledge and preparation for committee. This session will provide guidance and background experience that will lead to the improvement of speeches, caucusing, and problem solving skills while in the context of committee.

Committee Structure (Advanced) Workshop

The Advanced Committee Structure workshop has been designed to aid delegates in developing their knowledge on subsidiary bodies of the United Nations. Regardless of committee delegates encounter these subsidiary bodies on a constant basis. This workshop has been broken down into three sessions. The first session highlights important information each delegate should know before committee session. These questions will be discussed in the context of a test case. The test case is a subsidiary body of UN, which will be selected by the chair.  The chair will provide an interactive way to go through the process of researching a committee and important questions they need to have answered. The second session shall be discussing the programs and funds of the General Assembly. The chair of the committee has selected United Nations Development Program and United Nations Population Fund. Delegates will receive further information about other equally important GA Subsidiary bodies that are not discussed in the workshop. The third session shall be discussing specialized agencies of the Economic and Social Council. As in session two the chair has selected The World Health Organization and the World Bank Group. Delegates shall receive further information about items that will further their education. Advanced committee structure workshop is meant to give delegates a deeper understanding of the workings of the subsidiary bodies of United Nations.

Rules and Procedures Workshop

Rules and procedures govern every committee, and affect you no matter which committee you are a part of.  This is a topic is vast, and covers many facets.  The chair has decided to focus on 3 different sessions, which the chair feels will be the most beneficial to the greatest number of people. The first session will focus on points of motions and order. This area will be demonstrated in an interactive test case as determined by the chair.  The second section will look at division of the question, and explain when it is in order and how it can be used properly.    Again, this will be demonstrated with an exercise in which the delegates take charge and are able to act out a mock situation. The third session will focus on attire, and explaining the differences between business professional and business casual.  This will be explained briefly, with time for discussion and questions.  There will also be an interactive model for clarification.  These sessions are designed to give the delegates a deeper understanding of these basic rules and procedures, allowing them to feel more confident when going into committee. 

Position Paper Workshop

In preparation for any conference, delegates build a foundation for their performance in committee by writing a position paper.  In this part of the Delegate Workshop, we will instruct and prepare you for writing great position papers.  The process of writing a position paper lays out and organizes a delegation’s own country’s policies and approach to topics being discussed in committee.  We will guide delegates in the research process, teaching techniques that will make this potentially overwhelming task manageable and fruitful.  Delegates will become familiar with the basics of writing position papers, and then will take part in a fun activity that will help exercise their new skills.  During the activity, we will assist groups of delegates as they work on their own position papers addressing entertaining agenda topics.  Finally, after all delegates have turned in their position papers, we will provide feedback to address areas that need improvement and give experienced advice to make all students into capable, confident, and prepared delegates. 

Speechmaking Workshop

The speechmaking workshop will be a creative, active session that will give participants a background of the importance of speechmaking in a Model United Nations setting. The workshop will consist of a visual presentation, handouts, and tips and stories from current Dayton Model United Nations delegates on how to present information about world issues and working updates succinctly, thoroughly and confidently, and have fun doing it. The session will culminate with a chance for the participants to give brief, improvised speeches on both humorous and serious topics in a effort to build confidence in their abilities and passion for the real-world issues Model United Nations attempts to solve.

Resolution Writing Workshop

In the resolution-writing workshop, students will learn the necessary skills needed to write amazing resolutions. Resolutions are the meat of the UN by outlining the ways it will take action in the international community. They play a large role in Model UN conferences also. Students who are able to write resolutions lead committees. During this workshop, we will cover all the semantics of resolution writing such as how to write perambulatory and operative clauses and the grammar structure specific to resolutions. Along with that, students will get a chance to practice their newly learned skills during a small group challenge. At conferences, chairs and rapporteurs will be awed by your students’ outstanding resolution writing knowledge learned from this session!