Student Organizations @ UD
University of Dayton Swing Dance brings down the house at the Dayton Swing Smackdown in Miamisburg, Ohio.

200 Organizations and Counting

The Center for Student Involvement grants recognition to over 200 student organizations.  Whether you've already joined an organization or two, or you're looking for something new and exciting, we encourage you to learn more about what we have to offer.  Can't find what you're looking for?  Start your own club!  Whatever it is you need, we're here to help.

Start your group's UD Website today!

Student organizations in good standing may request a University-hosted website. Websites are created and managed through the Center for Student Involvement.  No previous web design experience is needed to have a UD website.  We're here for you during every step of the process!

Student organizations are not permitted to have websites hosted off campus.

Request a Website:

  1. Review the document to the right regarding instructions for what a site looks like and how it is laid out.
  2. Work as an organization to create a site map.  This is the blueprint for your website; what pages are you going to have?  What goes on each page?  The form to do this is located at the right.
  3. Ask yourself throughout the process: Who would be interested in viewing this content?  What could someone learn or do after visiting this site?
  4. Gather pictures for your site.  For now, the banner at the top of each page will be provided by the University.  Your other images can be self-selected and should be either 295px of 435px wide.  You will need one image per page you plan to have on your site.  Please remember to select images that of high quality and highlight your organization!
  5. Request a website by emailing Chris Johnson, Assistant Director, Center for Student Involvement at  If you have completed the site map, you can include this and any photos in the email.

Updating Old Websites:

  1. Student organization websites are now hosted at  
  2. If the website in question is at a different address, the University no longer provides support for the website.
  3. We will be happy to assist you in transitioning to a new UD branded website!