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STEM Catalyst Initiative

2019-20 Proposal Titles and Awardees

Imad Agha, Andy Chong

"Building an Ultrafast, Real-time Spectrometer"

Mary Fuhs, Tam Nguyen

"Improving Math Skills with Adaptive E-Books"

Robert Lowe, Paul Kladitis

"Energy Harvesting from Mechanical Vibrations"

Mark Nielsen

"Evolution: Why Do Some Features Evolve, While Others Do Not?"

Pothitos Pitychoutis

"Solving the Regeneration Puzzle"

Xiangrong Wang, Hui Wang, Ju Shen

"Translating Big Data to VR Visualization"

A second category of award was introduced in 2018 for collaborative efforts that seek to create sustainable improvements or outgrowths in the research landscape or infrastructure across multiple areas of the University. Following an external review process, the recipients of this award are:

Jay Mathews, Christopher Muratore

"Flexible low-cost optoelectronics via laser processing of 2D chalcogenide materials"


STEM Catalyst Initiative

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