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STEM Catalyst Initiative

Mary Fuhs:

Identifying the Mechanisms Underlying Mathematical Cognition to Design Innovative Games for Children

Outcomes of this Research

  • National Institutes of Health, $438,829, 2020-2023
  • College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Summer Fellowship program for undergraduate research, 2020
Conference Papers
  • Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development. Baltimore, MD – “Flexible attention to numerical and spatial magnitudes in pre-k through first graders”
  • Mathematical Cognition and Learning Society conference. Ottawa, Canada – “Early development of children's flexible attention to numerical and spatial magnitudes”
  • Cognitive Development Society conference. Louisville, KY. – “Flexible attention to numerical and spatial magnitudes and children's development of math skills in preschool”
Undergraduate Support
  • George Bommer – Psychology – May 2019
  • Michaela Marshall – Psychology – May 2019







STEM Catalyst Initiative

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