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STEM Catalyst Initiative

2018-19 Proposal Titles and Awardees

Judit Beagle, Angela Mammana, Mark Masthay

"Mechanistic Studies of Laser-induced Color Changes in the Model Visual Pigment Bacteriorhodopsin" 

Mary Fuhs

"Identifying the Mechanisms Underlying Mathematical Cognition to Design Innovative Games for Children"

Outcomes of this Research

  • National Institutes of Health, $438,829, 2020-2023
  • College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Summer Fellowship program for undergraduate research, 2020
Conference Papers
  • Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development. Baltimore, MD – “Flexible attention to numerical and spatial magnitudes in pre-k through first graders”
  • Mathematical Cognition and Learning Society conference. Ottawa, Canada – “Early development of children's flexible attention to numerical and spatial magnitudes”
  • Cognitive Development Society conference. Louisville, KY. – “Flexible attention to numerical and spatial magnitudes and children's development of math skills in preschool”
Undergraduate Support
  • George Bommer – Psychology – May 2019
  • Michaela Marshall – Psychology – May 2019

Jay Mathews

"Development of hyperdoped silicon for infrared focal plane array detectors"


Chris Muratore, Kristen Comfort

"Ultra-sensitive biotronic molecular sensors for applications in health care and security"

Chelse Prather

"Toxic trees, crazy ants, adventive moths, and biocontrol beetles…oh, my! Verifying and predicting an invasional meltdown"

Tim Reissman, Bob Lowe, Hafez Tari, Margie Pinnell,
Susan Hill, Malcolm Daniels

 "Toward Additively Manufactured Soft Prosthetic Hands: Processing, Characterization, and Predictive Modeling of Ultra-Flexible 3D-Printed Materials"

Ju Shen, Ben Kunz

"A Novel Behavioral Intervention System for Children with Autism"

Yvonne Sun, Erick Vasquez, Chenglong Zhao

"Collaboration toward food safety: Ultrasensitive detection and identification of pathogens"

Outcomes of this Research

  • Dayton ACS Section Poster Session – “Mechanistic Study of Listeria antibodies binding onto Au Nanoparticles at Different pH Conditions”
  • TechConnect World Innovation Conference  & Expo Boston, MA – “Understanding the Effects of Solution Conditions on Antibodies Binding to Au Nanoparticles”
  • Nanoscale 11:20589-20597 – “Optothermal Microbubble Assisted Manufacturing of Nanogap Rich Structures for Active Chemical Sensing”
  • ACS Omega 4(12):15269-15279 – “Optimization and Structural Stability of Gold Nanoparticle-antibody Bioconjuates”
Undergraduate Support
  • John Weis – Pre-Medicine – May 2019
  • Robert Busch – Chemical Engineering – December 2019
  • Jonathon Khumnark – Bioengineering – May 2019
Ph.D. Support
  • Nathan Wallace
  • Farzia Karim


STEM Catalyst Initiative

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