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STEM Catalyst Initiative

Yvonne Sun, Erick Vasquez, Chenglong Zhao:

Collaboration toward food safety: Ultrasensitive detection and identification of pathogens

Outcomes of this Research

  • Dayton ACS Section Poster Session – “Mechanistic Study of Listeria antibodies binding onto Au Nanoparticles at Different pH Conditions”
  • TechConnect World Innovation Conference  & Expo Boston, MA – “Understanding the Effects of Solution Conditions on Antibodies Binding to Au Nanoparticles”
  • Nanoscale 11:20589-20597 – “Optothermal Microbubble Assisted Manufacturing of Nanogap Rich Structures for Active Chemical Sensing”
  • ACS Omega 4(12):15269-15279 – “Optimization and Structural Stability of Gold Nanoparticle-antibody Bioconjuates”
Undergraduate Support
  • John Weis – Pre-Medicine – May 2019
  • Robert Busch – Chemical Engineering – December 2019
  • Jonathon Khumnark – Bioengineering – May 2019
PhD Support
  • Nathan Wallace
  • Farzia Karim

STEM Catalyst Initiative

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469