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414 Asymmetric End-Functionalization Of Carbon
429 Non-Contact Sonic Infrared Imaging System
433 Characterization Technique For Dielectric Properties Of Polymers
434 Growth Of Carbon Nanotubes, Nanofibers And Whiskers On Fiber Surface, Film And Foam
436 Frame Decimation Through Frame Simplication
437 Substrate-Enhanced Electroless Deposition Of Metal Nanoparticles On Carbon Nanotubes
438 Aligned Carbon Nanotube And Polymer Composites For Chemical Vapor Sensing
439 Functionalization Of Carbon Nanofibers, Nanotubes And Exfoliated Graphite Using Tailored Plasma Processing
441 Solid Composite Electrolyte Membrane
455 Prof Software V3
459 Aligned Carbon Nanotubes For Dry Adhesives
465 In-Situ Nanocomposites Based On Carbon Nanofibers Or Nanotubes And Polyimides
474 Bonding Process For The Joining Of Metals To Ceramic Matrix Composites And Ceramics
479 Methods Of Producing Pluripotent Stem-Like Cells
482 Resonant Sensor Capable Of Wireless Interrogation
485 Oil Change Monitoring System
488 Method For Fabricating Thin Film Structures With Negative Inductance
500 Method For Preferential Growth Of Semiconducting Verticall Y Aligned Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
515 Hydrogen Gas Generation From Aluminum Nanoparticles And Room Temperature
524 Combination Therapy and Methods for Treating Bacterial Biofilms
539 Embedded JPEG2000 Compression/Decompression Engines For Real-Time Processing Of Large-Scale Imagery
546 Single-Shot High Dynamic Range Imaging with Conventional Camera Hardware

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