Forms & Documents

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Sometimes also called Confidentiality Agreements, NDA's are documents that allow multiple parties to exchange information in confidence. Researchers and inventors should request NDA's prior to meeting with any outside party or company where privileged or proprietary information may be discussed.  If you are not sure if there is a valid NDA already in place that covers the scope of your project or discussion on file please contact our office and we can verify what is on file.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Word document)

Invention Disclosures 

The Invention Disclosure is the form needed to notify our office of any invention, via both sponsored and unsponsored research, that has been conceived of while working at the University of Dayton or UDRI.  This document begins the process of evaluation whereby the TPO elects to pursue protection of intellectual property.  Copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret are all various means to accomplish this protection and may be utilized by the office with the ultimate goal of licensing to industry.

Technology Disclosure Form (Word form)

Software Disclosure Form (Word form)