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Requirements and Submission

Proposal Requirements

To be eligible for consideration, RCSG proposals must include:

1. A Request for Research Council Seed Grant  form signed by the investigator, chairperson/program director, and dean,
2. An abstract of the proposal (maximum of one page - found at bottom of narrative proposal below),
3. A narrative proposal of no more than eight (8) pages of single spaced, 12 pt. font and written so that the content may be understood by persons outside of the immediate field of research or scholarship. The (8) pages should include all citations and references,
4. A detailed budget indicating how the funds will be used, (applicable only if requesting Grant-in-Aid),
5. An academic resume of no more than two pages, and
6. A copy of the final report submitted prior to Sept. 30, (applicable only if a grant was received in the previous year).

Failure to include the above items will result in disqualification of the proposal.


Individuals applying for multiple seed grants (summer fellowship, grant-in-aid) should submit them as one combined proposal. It is important that the proposals submitted follow the appropriate guidelines. The proposal may be evaluated by Research Council members outside the investigator’s immediate discipline therefore, it must be written clearly and be understandable by all members of the review subcommittee.

Proposals that involve human and/or animal subjects will require additional review by the IRB or the IACUC. The investigator must file the appropriate forms detailing the use of human subjects and/or animals subsequent to submitting the proposal for a Research Council Seed Grant and prior to receiving funding for the project.

* Proposals must be submitted both by hard copy (with signatures) to the Office for Research, Zip 7758, and electronically in one PDF file with all of the above-mentioned items to

Proposal submissions will be accepted Oct. 7 through Oct. 25 2019. Proposals received after Oct. 25, 2019 will not be considered.


Please contact the Office for Research if you have any questions about the application process or guidelines. You can contact the Office for Research at (937) 229-3515 or by e-mail at


Office for Research

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