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Contracts & Grants (Sponsored Programs)

Contracts and Grants Office

The University of Dayton Contracts and Grants Office provides assistance to faculty and staff researchers to obtain and administer awards for research programs.  This office includes the Preaward Team, Account Management Team, Subcontracts Administration Team, Export and Security Team, and Administrative Team.  Contracts and Grants staff members can provide support throughout the contract/grant lifecycle, as described below. 

More information for researchers including Faculty FAQs and Gift vs Sponsored Program information can now be found in Porches.

Contract/Grant Lifecycle:

Grant Life Cycle


All proposals for external grant and contract funding prepared by Principal Investigators (PIs) at the University of Dayton must be submitted through the Contracts and Grants Office (CGO).

The Pre Award Team provides the following support.

  • Review solicitations and requests for proposals for specific budget and proposal preparation instructions and advise grant writers.
  • Budgeting and cost estimating – guidelines available upon request.
  • Final proposal document preparation, including technical and cost proposals, certifications, forms and other documentation.
  • Compliance with administrative or business aspects of proposals.
  • Approval by University Authorized Representative; the Director of Contracts and Grants is the University Authorized Representative for approving proposals.
  • Proposal submission.
  • Maintenance of proposal records.
  • Tracking proposal status.
  • Negotiation of awards.
  • Other proposal guidance and support as needed.

Guidelines for Submission of Proposals have been established to facilitate the timely submission of high-quality proposals.   Contacting a Proposal Specialist at least 30 days prior to proposal submission is the first important step.  The Preaward Team may be contacted individually or by emailing

UD is registered on various proposal systems including, NSF Fastlane, NASA NSIRES, and NIH eRA Commons.  Links to the major federal granting agencies are provided below.

NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide

NIH General Proposal Instructions


The Contracts and Grants Office is the official point of contact for all administrative issues regarding awards for sponsored programs. Primary responsibilities for the Principal Investigator and Contracts and Grants Office staff are outlined below. 

Principal Investigator - Responsibilities 

  • Read award document carefully to become familiar with program terms and conditions. Certain award modifications or expenditures require prior sponsor approval.
  • Monitor monthly expenditures and compare with funded budget.
  • Maintain contact with the Contracts and Grants Office regarding contractual or administrative developments through the life of the contract.
  • Submit copy of deliverables to the Contracts and Grants Office.
  • Notify the Contracts and Grants Office when project is complete and can be closed.

Contracts and Grants Office - Responsibilities

  • Negotiates award terms and conditions.
  • Forwards copy of award to principal investigator (PI) for review and comment.
  • Accepts award on behalf of University.  Note that awards are made to the University and not to individual PIs. 
  • Prepares Order Authorization Form (serves as record of contract review).
  • Assigns account numbers and enters pertinent information into BANNER and GovWin.
  • Prepares project administrative summary.
  • Maintains official file.
  • Corresponds with sponsor on all administrative matters.
  • Obtains any approvals needed.
  • Monitors reporting requirements.
  • Monitors expenditures if necessary (some contracts require notification when 75% of total has been expended).
  • Authorizes Base and Library credentials for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
  • Requests travel approval when required.
  • Prepares incremental funding and re-budgeting requests.
  • Coordinates program closeout.

The Account Management Team members may be contacted individually or by emailing


The Subcontracts Team in the Contracts and Grants Office manages all aspects of subcontract administration, including submittal of RFPs, negotiation and monitoring of subcontracts and subrecipient agreements, close out of these agreements, and small business reporting.  The Subcontracts Team members may be contacted individually or my emailing


In order to ensure compliance with US Federal Export Laws and Regulations, foreign nationals will not be permitted to charge to sponsored programs without prior approval from the Export Administrator. PIs who require the services of a foreign national, intend to export technology or commodities, or expect to host visiting foreign nationals on this program should email for an export review.


Contracts & Grants

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