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Responsible Conduct of Research Training

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training


High ethical standards are expected of all members of the University of Dayton (UD) community who engage in scholarly activities, regardless of position or discipline. As an institution of higher learning, instilling a strong understanding of responsible research practices is especially important for our undergraduate and graduate students, as well as our post-doctoral researchers.

The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training program described here meets the National Science Foundation Education Requirements for the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR Plan), approved by the University of Dayton Office for Research. This plan reflects our corporate vision that all members of our academic community will be properly qualified to address ethical challenges that may arise when conducting scholarly research. Through active engagement in the full range of RCR training program elements described below, participants will fully satisfy the expectations of all four elements of the University of Dayton RCR Plan.

RCR Training Program:

The University of Dayton RCR Training Program will include the following four elements which may be completed in any order.

(1)     Introduction to RCR Presentation: An introduction to RCR principles will take place during the new graduate student orientation program(s).

(2)     RCR Policy Manual Review and Signoff: All individuals required to complete the RCR training program must read the Responsible Conduct of Research Policy Manual (RCR Manual), published by the UD Office for Research and available in PDF form via the Graduate School tab in Porches. After studying the RCR Manual, trainees will be required to discuss what they have learned, and the implications for their own research, with their research advisor and/or Principle Investigator.

(3)    CITI On-line RCR Training Course: The University of Dayton subscribes to the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), a subscription service providing on-line research ethics education to members of the research community. RCR trainees will be required to complete the CITI RCR course.  Typically it will take new RCR trainees 3-6 hours to complete this requirement, though trainees are not required to complete the course in one sitting. Ideally CITI training should be completed prior to matriculation for new incoming graduate students.

To begin an online CITI RCR course, trainees must go to, and use the “Log in through my Institution” option, selecting the LOG IN VIA SSO button. On the next screen the trainee should choose the University of Dayton, after which they will select the RCR course. After successful completion of the CITI course an electronic receipt will be transmitted to the RCR Coordinator (Office of Contracts & Grants), who will maintain these records.

(4)    RCR Live Training Workshop Series: RCR trainees will be required to participate in a series of live training workshops (total of approximately 6 hours). These workshops will be offered at least once per year, typically following new graduate student orientation. These workshops involve interactive presentations and case studies with professionals from across campus.

If you require assistance in completing any component of the training, please contact Brad Duncan, Executive Director, Graduate Academic Affairs at (937) 229-2390 or

For compliance questions, please contact the Contracts & Grants Office at (937) 229-2919, or

Thank you for your cooperation with this important initiative.


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