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Marianist Leadership Scholars

These student leaders put their faith in action.

The United States Province of the Society of Mary offers to all graduates of the Marianist Education Consortium schools some financial aid to the University of Dayton.  For those graduates who have demonstrated both an understanding and a practice of the Marianist tradition, a renewable scholarship of $4,000 a year is available.

For more information on the full program, visit the MLS program homepage.

Meet our Marianist Leadership Scholars:

Class of 2023

Katie Bardine Chaminade Julienne
LeVonn Berry Archbishop Moeller
Joseph Craft Archbishop Moeller
Jake Heidenry Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis
Daniel Howard Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis
John Kelly Villa Angela - Saint Joseph
Joshua Kinnear Chaminade Julienne
Benjamin Kiser Archbishop Moeller
Mia Maher North Catholic
Mary Kate Morber St. Vincent - St. Mary
Alexandra Murray Chaminade Julienne
Matthew Ostermueller Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis
Mavric Owens Archbishop Moeller
Michael Turner St. John Vianney

Class of 2022

Karl Bitzer St. John Vianney 
Andrew Buchanan Chaminade Julienne
John Buschelmann Archbishop Moeller
Adam Cruttenden Cardinal Wuerl North
Alex DeWerth Gross Catholic
Kiara DiLoreto Chaminade Julienne
Alexander Elma Archbishop Moeller
Evan Eichenauer Chaminade Julienne
Samantha Evans Chaminade Julienne
Pablo Gaztambide Colegio San Jose
Katherine Kohnen Chaminade Julienne
Cecilia Meadors Chaminade Julienne
Christopher Paul St. John Vianney 
Christopher Schaeffler Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis

Class of 2021

Matthew Bugada Archbishop Moeller
Maria Burns Purcell Marian
Lena Clerici Cardinal Wuerl North
Erin Colbert Chaminade Julienne
Jack Dalton Chaminade Julienne
Claire Evans Chaminade Julienne
Luis Feliciano Colegio San Jose
Mauricio Hernandez Central Catholic High School
Anna Mumma LIFE
Jack O'Donnell Purcell Marian
Drew Shapiro Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis
Henry Sommers Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis
Asher Williams LIFE

Class of 2020

Maggie Boru Villa Angela Saint Joseph
Nathan Brown Marianist LIFE Program
Cameron Cavlovich Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis
Drake Dahlinghaus Chaminade Julienne
Emma Eichenauer Chaminade Julienne
Cara Faddoul Villa Angela Saint Joseph
Thomas Gray Archbishop Moeller
Benjamin Holtzmann St. John Vianney 
Connor Holzer Archbishop Moeller
Natalie Lundak Gross Catholic
Leah Wagner Purcell Marian

Class of 2019

Eric Clancy St Mary's High School
Brandon Davy Chaminade College Prep - West Hills
Melanie Duffy Villa Angela Saint Joseph
Julianne Evans Chaminade Julienne
Christopher Galindo Central Catholic High School
Isabel Gonzalez Chaminade Madonna
John Larson Chaminade College Prep - West Hills
Courtney Lamb Purcell Marian
Alex Newman-Caro Central Catholic High School
Cassie Phillips Chaminade Julienne
Cosette Riely LIFE
Eduardo Rive Lockwook Colegio San Jose
Danny Winkler Chaminade College Prep - St Louis
Andrew Wong St Louis School
Nick Wright Archbishop Moeller

Class of 2018

Daniel Bruns Archbishop Moeller
Cari Zahn Chaminade Julienne
Logan Cobbs Chaminade Julienne
Malia Harvey Villa Angela Saint Joseph
Adam Kawamoto St. Louis School
Abby Lisjak Chaminade Julienne
Marco Andres Oliveras-Mayer Colejio San Jose
William Joseph O'Shea Chaminade College Prep
Joseph Rayray St. Louis School
Carlos Rodriguez Central Cahtolic
Justin Rodriguez Central Catholic
Nicholas Schlueter Archbishop Moeller
Katherine Schultz Chaminade Julienne

Class of 2017

Matthew Bergant Villa Angela St. Joseph High School
Garrett DeVore Moeller High School
Peter Evans Chaminade Julienne High School
Bailey Hollihan North Catholic High School
Peter Lundak Gross Catholic High School
Cristian Mantilla Colegio San Jose High School
Rafael Margarida Colegio San Jose High School
Domenic Nicholas Villa Angela St. Joseph High School
Boyd Newman-Caro Central Catholic High School
Elisa Nordemeyer L.I.F.E.
Christopher Wright Moeller High School

Class of 2016

Kaitlyn Cantu LIFE
Shay Clark Purcell Marian High School
Allison Cleaver Chaminade Julienne High School
Anna Kinnen Purcell Marian High School
Drew Imhoff St. John Vianney High School
Brian Markgraf Archbishop Moeller High School
Blake Muehlstein Nolan Catholic High School
Clare Potyrala Chaminade Julienne High School
Michelle Rabara St. Anthony's High School
Khristian Santiago Colegio San Jose 
Alejandro Trujillo LIFE
Caleb Williamson LIFE

Class of 2015  
Katherine Burns Purcell Marian High School
Kyle Foley Chaminade-Julienne High School
Timothy Frey Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School
Marie Garcia L.I.F.E.
Libby Harbaugh L.I.F.E.
Brendan Holmes Moeller High School
Kyle Mercado Chaminade College Prep - CA
Jack Schlueter Moeller High School
Molly Weckesser Chaminade-Julienne High School
Michael Wright Moeller High School
Catherine Wurtzler Purcell Marian High School

Class of 2014  
Scott Bridwell Saint Mary High School
Morgan Gordon Purcell Marian High School
Javier Hernandez Colegio San Jose
John Howe Vianney High School
Christina Lokar L.I.F.E.
Nicholas Michel Chaminade-Julienne High School
Peter Oduwole Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School
Kevin Shaw Purcell Marian High School
Samuel Smith Vianney High School
Teresa Spanel Chaminade-Julienne High School
Sara Thompson Purcell Marian High School
Greg Wright Moeller High School

Class of 2013  
Zak Agricola Moeller High School
Jake Clancy Saint Mary's High School
Samantha Costa L.I.F.E.
Duncan Fischley L.I.F.E.
Megan Fox L.I.F.E.
Zachary Hadaway Chaminade-Julienne High School
Gerald P. Kierce Colegio San Jose
Samuel Lenzi St. Louis College
Sara Leonard Gross Catholic
Grace Pera Chaminade-Julienne High School
Curtis Polette Saint Mary High School
Franz Silva Colegio San Jose
Adam Walusis Chaminade-Julienne High School

Class of 2012  
Elizabeth Belt Chaminade-Julienne High School
David Brun Chaminade-Julienne High School
Amy Bush Chaminade-Julienne High School
Thomas Ferriss Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis
Andrew Hill Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis
Lawrence Kondowe    Chaminade - Malawi
Jay Lievestro Moeller High School
Jose Llanos Colegio San Jose
Seth Richardson      Gross Catholic
Katie Suer Purcell Marian High School

Class of 2011  
Anne Arezina North Catholic
Timothy Bergant Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School
Chris D. Doyle Chaminade-Julienne High School
Thomas Lukey Moeller High School
Michelle Perusek      Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School
Anne Rindler Prier  Chaminade-Julienne High School
Jasmine Roberts Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School
Patrick Schmid Chaminade College Prep - St. Louis
Thomas Sexton      Nolan Catholic

Class of 2010  
Julie-Anne Anton     Nolan Catholic
Anthony Barnowski Saint Mary High School
Pablo Fontanet Colegio San Jose
Colin Gerker Chaminade College Prep
Matthew Geyman Moeller High School
Jacob Gibbemeyer Moeller High School
Kevin Komienski Chaminade-Julienne High School
Antonio Mari Colegio San Jose
Thomas Ondek North Catholic
Kathleen Tracey Purcell Marian High School
Class of 2009  
Regino Centeno Colegio San Jose
Lauren Cook Purcell Marian High School
Caitlin Cronin Purcell Marian High School
Mark Dorsey Chaminade College Prep
Matthew Ferriss Chaminade College Prep
Christopher Lovett Moeller High School
Ashleigh Robinson     Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School
Peter Spanel Chaminade-Julienne High School

Class of 2008  
Michael Bennett         Moeller High School
Joseph Melendrez Central Catholic

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