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Citation and Appeal Information


Citations will be issued for parking:

  • without a permit
  • in an area not marked for parking
  • in the wrong lot during restricted times
  • in more than one space
  • illegitimately in an area marked for persons with disabilities
  • without properly displaying a permit
  • in a delivery zone overtime
  • in a delivery zone without using flashers
  • with a stolen, forged, or altered permit
  • deliberately falsifying information to obtain a temporary permit
  • In possession of a revoked permit

Citations will double if not paid within 14 days.


Citation Payments

Parking Services is no longer accepting cash or checks. All payments must be processed online at or in the office with a credit card.


A parking violation may be appealed through the Citation Appeals Board within fourteen days of the date of issuance of the citation. Citations must be paid for before an appeal is accepted. Appeals for citations that are past the fourteen-day appeal window will not be accepted. Vehicle boot fees cannot be appealed. 

All appeals must be processed online at

Information regarding the appeal of a citation is available in a separate brochure at Parking Services. 

The Parking Appeals Committee, consisting of faculty, staff, and students has been established to ensure fairness and equality of treatment.

If you have a valid permit for where you were cited, please contact Parking Services before submitting your appeal.


A vehicle is subject to be impounded (towed or immobilized with a wheel lock) at any time if it is found parked:

  • With three or more unpaid citations
  • Illegally in an area marked for persons with disabilities
  • Illegally in an area marked for Marianist parking
  • Illegally in a loading zone
  • Illegally in a reserved/designated space
  • On a roadway without authorization
  • So that it impedes the flow of traffic
  • In a tow-away zone
  • Without displaying a valid license plate or with a falsified registration
  • With a stolen, forged, altered, revoked, or misused permit
  • Without meeting minimum State of Ohio operating standards and is deemed hazardous
  • Parked on grass or dirt areas
  • Parked in a delivery zone for more than an hour
  • Parked in a delivery zone with three or more unpaid citations

As a general rule towing is an extreme measure taken during periods of heavy demand to ensure available parking spaces for valid permit holders. During such times a vehicle may be towed if it is found parked:

  •  Without a permit
  • In a space not designated for parking
  • In the wrong lot during restricted times
  • In a delivery zone overtime

Retrieving an Impounded Vehicle

If your vehicle is impounded:

  • Call Parking Services at 937-229-2128 Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm for instructions on retrieving your vehicle.
  • After normal business hours and weekends, call Public Safety Dispatch at 937-229-2121.

Personal checks and cash will not be accepted as payment for immobilized or towed vehicles. Impounding expenses are the responsibility of the impounded vehicle’s owner. No impounded vehicle will be released until all outstanding citations are resolved.


Parking Services

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300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2914