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The University of Dayton Rescue Squad (UDRS) is a state-certified Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance licensed to provide emergency medical care on UD's Campus.  We respond to any medical emergencies on campus and transport patients to local hospitals for definitive care.

The Rescue Squad is also able to stage at events on and around campus.  Visit our Event Staffing page to submit a request.

Run Statistics

Each year we save the community thousands of dollars by transporting our patients free of charge. 

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About the EMT and Basic Life Support

An emergency medical technician (EMT) is an emergency responder trained to provide emergency medical services to the critically ill and injured.  EMT's are trained in basic medical knowledge and skills, and practice basic life support procedures. 

The goal of EMT intervention is to rapidly evaluate a patient's condition and to maintain a patient's airway, breathing and circulation.  In addition, EMTs are trained to control external bleeding, prevent shock, and prevent further injury or disability by immobilizing any potential injuries or fractures, while expediting a safe transport of the patient to a hospital for definitive medical care.


Apparatus & Station

UD Rescue Squad is located in the University of Dayton Student Neighborhood at 214 Lawnview Avenue.  The station features a full service kitchen, living room, computer room, and beds and a bathroom. 

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Emergency Medical Services

201 Lawnview Apartments, Suite 113 
Dayton, Ohio 45469 

937-229-2121 (emergency) 937-627-8273 (non-emergency)