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Abstract Writing

An abstract is a summary of a larger document that highlights major points covered in the work, concisely describes the content and scope of the writing, and identifies the methodology used. Your abstract should include your objective, methods, results, and conclusions. For the Stander Symposium, your abstract must be fewer than 300 words.

Need writing support?  Make an appointment with the Write Place to have one of their staff review your abstract.  To learn more about the Write Place and to schedule an appointment visit:  Also review the websites listed below.

Poster Content and Design

Overall, please remember that poster sessions are POSTERS. Displays should be graphical in nature and easy to read from several feet away. Do not compose your poster using PowerPoint slides printed on 8.5 x 11 sheets.

1.  The poster board surfaces are three (3) feet high by four (4) feet wide. A table will be provided for you to place handouts or other supplementary materials on. Pins or thumbtacks for mounting your display are provided. These are the only materials provided to you.

2.  A heading should be prepared for your presentation using lettering at least one and one half (1 ½) inches high. Indicate the title of the presentation, the name(s) of the presenter(s), their department, and their faculty advisor(s)/co-advisor(s) on the heading.

3.  All lettering should be simple, bold, and easily legible at a distance of (4) feet.

4.  Visuals should dominate your presentation. Think in terms of graphic impact. Charts, drawings, photographs, and other illustrations are encouraged.

5. Download and use the prepared PowerPoint template, which will help you determine font sizes and image quality control. Consult with your faculty advisor on the content and design of your poster.

6. Your poster should

  • be only ONE page and horizontal (final printed size will be 48 inches wide by 36 inches high).
  • be saved as a PDF and submitted as a PDF.
  • NOT include watermarks or color backgrounds (your file should be no larger than 48 MB).
  • use high-resolution images for best printing results (300 dpi).
  • be reviewed by your faculty advisor BEFORE you print it.

Here are some good examples of a final poster:
Example 1: Chemistry (PDF) >>
Example 2: Biology (PDF) >>
Example 3: Health and Sport Science (PDF) >>
Example 4: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (PDF) >>

Need writing support? Make an appointment with the Write Place to have one of their staff review your poster. To learn more about the Write Place and to schedule an appointment visit:

Poster Presentation Guidelines
  1. Each poster session will last 75 minutes.  During this time, the presenter must remain at the display to answer questions and discuss informally the contents of the display.
  2. Your poster session presentation time cannot be changed.  At least one of the authors must be present at the assigned time. The titles and names of authors of each poster session will appear in the Stander Symposium abstract book which is available to all who attend poster sessions and lists titles, authors and abstracts of each poster.
  3. The hanging of your poster must be accomplished during the 30 minutes preceding your scheduled presentation and taken down during the 15 minutes following your assigned time.
  4. Handout materials are encouraged but should be duplicated and brought with you. No duplicating facilities will be available. In lieu of handouts, you may wish to provide a sign-up sheet to record the names and addresses of attendees who might want more information, reprints, etc.
  5. If you wish to bring electronic equipment to accompany your poster session, you must also bring a power source.  No electrical outlets will be available for your use. Use of audio equipment, however, is discouraged because of noise levels throughout the poster session.

Resources: American Library Association poster guidelines


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