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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Stander Symposium only for Honors students, graduating seniors, and students who have completed independent studies?
No. All students, both undergraduate and graduate, are eligible to participate. Have you engaged in research, completed an independent study, or participated in other creative endeavors? We want YOU to participate as a presenter, please talk to your faculty advisor about opportunities to participate.

What can I do on the Stander Symposium website? 
Visit frequently for the most detailed and up-to-date information. From this website you can register your presentation/poster, view thea calendar of events, learn about the symposium itself, and find out how to pick-up tickets (when necessary).

Is the Stander Symposium Program set in stone?
No. The Steering Committee understands that the symposium schedule will be revised in the coming weeks leading up to the symposium. This event belongs to the students, faculty, and staff of the University – it can include events you propose, present, or create. The co-chairs and symposium coordinator will fit into the schedule as many proposed activities as time allows.

Are classes canceled on the day of the Stander Symposium?
As an alternative day of learning, standard undergraduate classroom-style classes will not be held. Students should inquire with their instructors regarding Stander Symposium-related assignments and expectations for participation, and faculty should inquire with their chairs, program directors, and deans regarding unit-specific plans and sponsored events. Participation in the Stander Symposium substitutes for course meetings.

Graduate/Doctoral classes 4:30 and after will meet as scheduled. Graduate classes (or seminars) that might meet before 4:30, are advised to use discretion in making decisions to ensure the needs of graduate students participating in the Stander Symposium are accommodated.

How can faculty members address the Stander Symposium in their syllabi?
Please feel free to use the following sentence in your syllabus: “Bro. Joseph W. Stander Symposium – participation expectations and requirements will be forthcoming as the Stander Symposium agenda is developed.“ Additional suggestions for student engagement at the Stander Symposium will be discussed during the winter term.


What is the deadline for registering presentations and posters?
Friday, April 3, 2020 is the *EXTENDED* registration deadline for all project submissions.

How big is the poster board?
The poster board surfaces are three (3) feet high by four (4) feet wide. 

How can I pick up my poster board ahead of time?
They cannot be picked up ahead of time but will be in place the day of your session. A table will be provided for you to place handouts or other supplementary materials on. Pins or thumbtacks for mounting your display are provided. These are the only materials provided to you. 

Can I just put up a poster but not present anything?
Students who register to present a poster are encouraged to remain by their poster for at least one hour during the poster session (group posters may require less individual time). Students are solely responsible for the poster and any additional materials they use to present.

What is the dress code for student presenters?
Student presenters are encouraged to dress in the manner that best represents them as scholars and professionals. As a rule of thumb, business casual is the least formal attire recommended. Students are reminded that they will be presenting to an audience of their peers, faculty mentors, and University administrators as well as Dayton community members including potential employers.

What is my role as a faculty advisor?
Faculty advisors provide support for students in several ways. They should assist with developing proposals and proofreading abstracts, offer general support for participating students, and this year they are required to approve all student abstracts submitted via the Stander website. An email will be sent to you when there are new submissions to approve and you must log on to review and approve your students submission before they are considered registered. It is also important for faculty to engage all of their students, participating or not, as members of an engaged and thoughtful audience.


Are Stander Symposium events free and open to the public?
Events are free and open to the public. Please see the schedule of events page for more information about individual events.

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