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Links to archived documents, photos and videos from past Stander Symposia are below.

The Stander Symposium is the University of Dayton’s annual showcase of individual and collaborative undergraduate and graduate research, creative endeavors, and distinctive academic achievements.  Honoring the late Bro. Joseph W. Stander, S.M., Professor of Mathematics and Provost (1974–1989), the Stander Symposium stands as an ongoing tribute to him and all who carry on the Marianist tradition of education through community.

This University wide-celebration is an alternate day of learning where regularly scheduled undergraduate course meetings are not held.  Instead of learning from behind a desk, students are learning to be the expert, presenting their knowledge and skills in a public forum. The Symposium features a keynote speaker, poster sessions, hands-on activities, performances, art exhibits, oral presentations and highlights of capstone course work.

All students at the university engaging in research, creative endeavors, and other forms of innovative thinking are encouraged to participate in this undergraduate and graduate research symposium. Student attendees are key members of a critically reflective audience for their peers. Faculty members serve as mentors and leaders for many of these projects and are the driving force behind scholarship in their fields. 

The efforts of students, faculty, and staff are critical to making this event successful year after year.  Every unit of the university is invited to participate and create opportunities for students and faculty to share collaborative, connected learning and scholarship.

Abstract Books

2013 - Stander Symposium abstract book (online edition) >>

2013 - Stander Symposium abstract book (download PDF) >>

2012 - Stander Symposium abstract book (online edition) >>

2012 - Stander Symposium abstract book (download PDF) >>

2011 - Stander Symposium abstract book (online edition) >>

2010 - Stander Symposium abstract book (download PDF) >>

2009 - Stander Symposium abstract book (download PDF) >>

Celebration of the Arts

2013 - Celebration of the Arts video clip (Schuster Center) >>

2012 - Celebration of the Arts video clip (Schuster Center) >>

2011 - Celebration of the Arts video clip (Schuster Center) >>

2010 - Celebration of the Arts video clip (Schuster Center) >>

2009 - Celebration of the Arts video clip (Schuster Center) >>

Image Galleries

Day at the Stander (4-14-10) >>

Keynote Speakers

2013 - Sir Ken Robinson, Internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation.

2012 - Dr. David Suzuki, Pioneering scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster (view his address online >>)

2010 - Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief-Shoe-Giver, TOMS Shoes, Inc.  (view entire address online >>)

2009 - Majora Carter, Founder, Sustainable South Bronx.

2008 - Dr. Jody Olsen, Deputy Director, Peace Corps.

2007 - Dr. Bernard Kouchner, Co-founder, Doctors Without Borders.

2006 - Dr. Jane Goodall, Founder, Jane Goodall Institute and world-renowned conservationist.

2005 - Governor Mario Cuomo, former New York Governor.

Other Symposium Activities

2010 - UD Style Your Sole campus kick off event for the 2009 Keynote Address by Blake Mycoskie, TOMS founder.  View the event video >>

2009 - Issue Forum on Campus Energy Use.  View the Snuggies video >>

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